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Dwayne Wade on Jalen Suggs: ‘I Jumped on My Kitchen Table After You Hit This Shot Bro’ Following Buzzer-Beater in OT

Jalen Suggs

The Gonzaga Bulldogs extended their fairytale run to yet another game. Jalen Suggs, a freshman who needs no introduction in the world of college basketball, hit a buzzer-beating shot to take them into the national finals. It was perhaps a glorious end to a glorious game. In fact, some are even rating it as the best game to ever take place in NCAA history.

With about three seconds to go, the game was tied at 90-90 in overtime. Suggs dribbled the ball thrice and let it fly from just beyond the halfcourt line. It was as if the ball took forever to loop its way into the basket. However, when it did, the elation on the faces of the Zags was beautiful to watch.

After making the shot, Jalen Suggs ran towards the scorers’ table and stood on it. He then went on to celebrate with his teammates and around 8000 people who were allowed to enter the stadium. When asked about why he chose to celebrate on the scorers’ table, he said, “I always wanted to run up on the table like Kobe or D-Wade”

Social media erupted after this game ended. Suggs and the Bulldogs started receiving praises and accolades from all over the world of basketball. However, one praise that stood out from the rest was from Dwayne Wade, who saw Suggs’ celebration and the comments he made after that.

Wade funnily quipped, “I jumped on my kitchen table after you hit this shot bro.”

Jalen Suggs and team get the job done against UCLA

The 11th seeded UCLA Bruins kept their pace with the Bulldogs all through the match as it trickled into overtime. In fact, this was the third overtime that the Bruins had to face in their six games at the tournament. However, this time around they were defeated by a stroke of brilliance from a talented youngster.

Jalen Suggs

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – APRIL 03: Jalen Suggs #1 of the Gonzaga Bulldogs shoots a game-winning three-point basket in overtime

Coach Mark Few was all praises for Suggs after the game. He said, “We were lucky enough to hit a 50-footer. So it helps when you have a magical, special guy like Jalen, special at the end of games. I’m just telling you he makes those ones all the time in practice. He’s just got this magical aura about him. I knew when he shot it, it was going in.”

Apart from Suggs, Drew Timme and Joel Ayayi contributed heavily towards the victory. Timme finished the game with 25 points to his name while Ayayi finished with 22 points and six rebounds.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs will face the Baylor Bears in the championship game on Monday night.


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