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Draymond Green Is “Very Confident” in the Warriors’ Ability to Make the Playoffs This Year

Warriors' Draymond Green

After being out of playoff contention last season, the Golden State Warriors are on the path to making a comeback this season. They are being led by their two veteran players in Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.

Although the team is playing better than the last year, they still have a long way to go. Up until the NBA All-Star break, they had been in and out of the playoff race. As of now, they hold the ninth seed in the Western Conference.

However, there is still half of the season to go. The Warriors can put together a winning streak and get right back into contention. The biggest task for them is to make sure they are in the top eight teams in the conference.

Otherwise, they would have to struggle while playing in the playoff tournament. Hence hindering their chances of making it to the postseason.

Draymond Green on his expectations for the Golden State Warriors this season

Warriors' Draymond Green

Warriors center Draymond Green recently sat down for an interview with ESPN. In the interview he talked about how confident he is about his team making the playoffs. Green said:

Very confident. I know what the ceiling of this team is, very young team but we continue to grow. I think this team has shown at times that we’re much better than 19 and 18. There has been several games that where I think we’ve kind of let get away from us. And that’s usually the indication of a young inexperienced team.”

Although the Dubs might be a little inexperienced, they still have loads of talent. Furthermore, not having Klay Thompson has somewhat stopped them from reaching their potential.

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Do you believe moving forward, the Warriors can clinch a playoff spot? Feel free to leave a comment about the same.


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