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Damian Lillard Sparks Off at Media-‘Lot of Ya’ll Mf**Kers Are Winners at Nothing’

Damian Lillard entered the league in 2012 after being selected by the Portland Trail Blazers with the sixth overall pick. After being selected,  Lillard was unanimously voted the NBA Rookie of the Year.

The point-guard is often labeled as the most clutch player in the NBA today, thus getting the nickname “Dame Time”. After some memorable game-winners throughout his career, Lillard has surprisingly faced quite a bit of criticism from the media.

It is ironic because Lillard has come through clutch time against the Houston Rockets in 2014 and he did deliver an impossible 37-footer over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 of the first-round series of the 2019 NBA Playoffs. “Dame Time” is no myth. Lillard’s late-game heroics are nothing new.

The six-time NBA All Star joined Wallo and Gillie on episode 99 of Million Dollaz Worth of Game. The point-guard spoke about his legacy and the criticism he faces from the media.

“I am starting to do the other stuff that I care about, the legacy program. Even in my neighborhood and family, investing in people’s stuffs and putting them in a better position. That is what my legacy is. I will still put my best work forward and try to win a championship, even if I don’t win one, it won’t be the end-all or be-all for me.”

The guard continued “The media ain’t ever going to make me sweat by saying he is not a winner and all , lot of y’all mf**Kers are winners at nothing. I am not going to give in to the pressure of that.”

Can Damian Lillard win an NBA championship with the Portland Trail Blazers?

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard will be looking to win his first NBA Championship with the Trailblazers

Since 2012, and perhaps since the dawn of the franchise, no player has defined the Portland Trail Blazers more than Damian Lillard. His three-point shooting and charismatic leadership have stamped him as one of the best in this NBA generation. One thing remains to fill out his impressive résumé: an NBA championship.

At present, Portland is not a championship team. Lillard may be an MVP caliber player, but he needs the right supporting cast to win a championship. He may find it elsewhere, but he will always remain loyal to the people of Portland.

Only time will tell if Lillard can guide them to their second ever championship since 1992. But that is his goal – To bring the NBA title to Portland as he has always said ‘That would mean everything to me’.



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