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Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard Had the ‘Best Dunk of His Career’ Against Phoenix Suns Last Night, Remarks Nick Wright

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard is probably one of the most enigmatic characters in the NBA. He does not like to speak much, rather, he lets his game do the talking for him.

That is exactly what he did against the Phoenix Suns on Thursday night as he threw down one of the most vicious dunks of the entire season.

TV analyst Nick Wright feels that Kawhi Leonard had the “best dunk of his career” in this game as he slammed a one-handed jam over DeAndre Ayton.

It was a thing of beauty as he leaped over the outstretched hand of a 6’11” Ayton. The Clippers bench was all hyped up after the dunk and cheered their teammates.

It needed a superhuman effort to stop the crusade of the Phoenix Suns as they looked to win their eighth straight game. However, the LA Clippers gave them a taste of their own medicine as they went on to earn a crucial victory.

Nick Wright said, “For the first time, it really feels like basketball season. And last night was a great introduction to it. You had a game that had a little bit of everything. You had Patrick Beverly doing things that got him ejected.”

He continued, “If this continues, you could see the Los Angeles Clippers doing something that they’ve never done in their less-than-storied franchise. Make a conference final.”

Kawhi Leonard and PG13 carry the Clippers to a resounding victory

The LA Clippers depended on their two most prolific players, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard for much of this game. They delivered when their team needed it the most.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 08: Paul George #13 of the LA Clippers celebrates a lead with Kawhi Leonard #2

Paul George was the pick of the players as he finished with 33 points to his name. He also racked up seven rebounds and three assists during the course of this match. Apart from him, Kawhi Leonard continued on his hot streak as he went on to score 27 points.

Moreover, he also managed to get five assists and five rebounds to make this performance a well-rounded effort.

The LA Clippers are third in the Western Conference standings. At the moment, their confidence is elevated, and they are well in contention for the playoffs.

However, they have the Denver Nuggets breathing down their necks. Tyronne Lue and his men will have to keep this form up until the postseason.


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