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Chris Broussard Thinks The Race For LeBron James To ‘Win His 5th MVP Award’ Is Now ‘Wide Open’ Because of Embiid’s Injury

LeBron James

LeBron James this season has been nothing short of amazing. He has put in amazing performances in every game for the Los Angeles Lakers in their title defense. These performances have resulted in him being in the conversation for the MVP award.

Ever since the injury of Anthony Davis, “The King” has been at the helm of the Lakers’ offense and defense. He has been leading the youngsters with all his experience. Moreover, his stature as one of the greatest of all-time also instills fear in the minds of opponents.

This season, 76ers’ Center Joel Embiid has emerged as the frontrunner for the MVP award. However, LeBron James has remained a close second throughout the season. Two days ago, Joel Embiid suffered a slight contusion on his knee which has rendered him unavailable for a couple of weeks. This can prove to be a huge opportunity for LeBron as he looks to win his fifth MVP award.

Chris Broussard rates LeBron James as the MVP candidate

TV analyst Chris Broussard spoke to ESPN about Joel Embiid’s injury. He also made it quite clear that this injury can be a blessing for LeBron in order to win MVP. He said, “This injury makes it wide open for LeBron James to win his fifth MVP award. James can match Michael Jordan with five titles to his name.”

He continued, “With this injury, Embiid is essentially out of the MVP conversation. No player has won the MVP by missing 20% of the games. It’s there for the taking for LeBron James.”

Broussard also pointed out some issues for LeBron James when it came to winning the MVP. He said, “Without the presence of Anthony Davis, the Lakers have won eight and lost seven. This type of performance is not expected out of an MVP winners’ team.” 

The Los Angeles Lakers are third in the Western Conference standings. At the moment, they are well in contention for the playoff spots. With AD returning soon and LeBron finding his feet again, The LAkers will consider themselves in a favorable position to defend their title.


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