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Charles Barkley Roasts Shaquille O’Neal in His Face Regarding Steve Nash Winning 2004–2005 NBA MVP Over Him

Charles Barkley roasted Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley are undoubtedly two of the biggest icons of the league. The rivalry they had during their playing days was a treat to watch. Whenever the two faced off, it was always a tense affair as they both looked to one-up the other.

The fierce rivalry on the court has blossomed into a friendship off it. And as all great friendships have, this one also has loads of banter. In one of the latest installments of “Inside the NBA”, Chuck humiliated Shaq by bringing up the 2004-05 MVP award.

That year, Steve Nash won the MVP award over Shaquille O’Neal. It is still one of the soft points for Shaq as he gets visibly triggered whenever someone brings it up. On the show last night, Chuck asked him, “Didn’t Steve Nash win the MVP over you?” To which Shaq replied, “Yes he did, but that was because he had a better record.”

Barkley even went on to say that Steve Nash was a better player than Shaq. The conversation about MVPs ensued when the panel was discussing the player who will win the MVP award this season. Chuck and Kenny Smith were of the opinion that Nikola Jokic should be given the award, while Shaq vehemently disagreed.

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal

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According to Shaq, Embiid is the more prominent player. His ppg (points per game) is higher than that of Nikola Jokic. Moreover, Embiid has been more influential on the court for the Philadelphia 76ers.

The KIA MVP Ladder shows that Nikola Jokic is slightly ahead of the 27-year-old when it comes to the rankings. While Jokic holds the top spot, Embiid is a close second despite missing 18 games this season. It will not be surprising if Embiid emerges as the victor when the regular season ends.


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