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Candace Parker Is Shocked After Knowing Jamal Crawford Is “One of the Last People on Earth” To Use Blackberry Phone

Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford is a player who has contributed a lot to the game of Basketball. In a long career spanning 20 years, Crawford played for several franchises. Arguably his best stint was with the New York Knicks from 2004 to 2009. Critics and analysts have said that Crawford was ahead of his time when it came to ball-handling abilities.

Crawford might be ahead in all the facets of his game. However, that cannot be said about his lifestyle, especially when it comes to electronic devices. In a chat with Shaq and Candace Parker in the NBA Post-game Show, Jamal Crawford revealed that he still carries a Blackberry Phone with him at all times.

After learning about this, Parker called him “one of the last people on Earth” to use a Blackberry device. Crawford had an explanation for this that quickly turned out into a funny little quip.

He said, “Candace it’s the keyboard. You know about that, I ain’t gotta spend time wasting stuff without a keyboard. It shows my loyalty towards Blackberry. Once I got this phone, I did not want to choose another one.”

He continued, “With my teammates, I could not be on the group text. So they had to send me stuff on the side if they wanted me to look at it.” Crawford then went ahead and showed Parker and Shaq his phone.

Jamal Crawford lauds Candace Parker as one pioneer of the game.

In that discussion, Crawford went on to praise Candace Parker for all that she has achieved in the Women’s game. He said, “I remember the time when I was in Chicago. Candace was probably 15-16 years old. I saw her eyes looking on the court, dreaming to be out there. To see her become one of the all-time greatest players in the game fills my heart with joy.”

Jamal Crawford

ATLANTA, GA – APRIL 28: Jamal Crawford #11 of the Atlanta Hawks reacts after their 84-81 win over the Orlando Magic

Crawford’s career was filled with highs and lows like any other player. However, he is credited as the player who single-handedly changed the way the league looked at point-guards. He introduced the idea that guards can have the good ball-handling ability and ultimately benefit the team. He is the one who was the inspiration to the Stephs and Kyries of the current generation.


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