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“Be Aware, Do Your Part” Stephen Curry Speaks About Anti-Asian Violence After COVID Outbreaks in the US

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is a player whose opinions hold utmost importance in the NBA. On Wednesday night, he condemned the Atlanta Spa shootings in which four Asian-Americans were shot dead.

This incident is being looked at as a hate crime against the Asian community in America. The South Korean embassy later confirmed that four people out of the eight were of Asian origin.

However, the police were successful in apprehending a 21-year-old who is reportedly the prime suspect. Surveillance footage suggests that the same suspect might have carried out all the shootings.

In fact, notable NBA players like LeBron James and Baron Davis have also come out to show their displeasure about the incident.

Stephen Curry reiterates the opinion of Steve Kerr

After the news of the shootings was made public, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr tweeted about how ignorant remarks were straining the very fabric of society. He said, “Offhand, ignorant remarks connecting Asian Americans to COVID-19 are leading to widespread racism, which turns into violence and even murder in our communities. We all have to do our part to stop this from happening again.”

Moreover, Stephen Curry retweeted this and left his comment on the events which transpired. He said, Honestly have been trying to find words to do this situation in our country justice…. but this speaks loud. Be aware, do your part. Get educated.” 

The systemic issue of hate towards Asian-Americans has been on the rise for a long time. Moreover, the Covid pandemic, which was renamed as the “China-Virus” by former President Donald Trump, has exasperated the situation.

Followers of Trump have interpreted his statements as a clear indication to blame Asians for this pandemic. However, innumerable studies have proved that Asian-Americans have no connection whatsoever to the pandemic.

“Stop AAPI hate”, an organization formed solely to stop incidents like these, tweeted on Tuesday.

It said, “The reported shootings of Asian American women on Tuesday in Atlanta is an unspeakable tragedy – for the families of the victims first and foremost, but also for the AAPI community — which has been reeling from high levels of racial discrimination.” 

The Sheriff of Acworth also confirmed homicides were not uncommon there. Many people from the city of Atlanta and neighboring places are now asking the government to take control of the situation. President Biden is in talks about these situations and will surely do something to curb them.


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