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“As long as we’re doing that, the sky is the limit for us” conveys Derrick Jones Jr revealing the Trail Blazer’s game plan

Derrick Jones Jr

One more night and one more clutch performance from Portland Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard.

Lillard’s 126-124 win over the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday is like an addition to Lillard’s achievement.

With CJ McCollum, Jusuf Nurkic, and Zach Collins missing, the Blazers’ with a collective effort wins six-game back to back, and eight wins in nine games.

Damian Lillard discusses how each Blazers rotational players are enjoying their time. Regardless, of course, it does not hurt when your superstar goes for 43 points and ties his career-high with 16 assists, either.

Derrick Jones Jr conveys something about the game

Derrick Jones Jr

As long as we’re doing that, the sky is the limit for us conveys Derrick Jones Jr after the win

Derrick Jones Jr conveyed, “I think it is a big win for us, but I don’t think it is the biggest win for us this season. We played well defensively and offensively. We just had to lock in a little bit more on the defensive end and that is what we did. Besides, I am glad we did. We are going to keep learning off this win and get back at it.”

“Just going into this road trip, we had the mindset of keeping our streak going, and we are going to keep it going. We are just going to go out there every day and play the right way. We know how we should play and we just have to go out there every day and play the right way. As long as we are doing that, the sky is the limit for us” conveys Derrick Jones Jr.

Lillard’s Comment on the game

Lillard conveyed, “I think the beauty in what we are doing right now and why it has been so fun and so special, like last season, I had a run where for 10 games I was scoring like 48 a game, and then the bubble I was scoring 48, 50, 60, just having big performances but we weren’t playing that great.”

Besides, he also conveyed, “We were not getting stops. We were not moving the ball. It was not as collective as it is right now. … Everybody is coming in and doing their job. I am not just saying that to give people credit. It looks the way it does because everybody is coming in and doing their job. Without CJ, Nurk, and Zach, we do not win these games if it is not collective the way it has been.”

The Game

After Lillard’s put the Blazers up by two with 16.5 seconds to go, it was pretty obvious the Pelicans were going to try to get the ball into the hands of either Zion Williamson or Brandon Ingram.

However, the Pelicans inbounded the ball to Josh Hart, who flipped it to Ingram. Williamson went up to set a screen for Ingram but their defenders switched. Derrick Jones Jr and Williamson got switched and Robert and Ingram got switched.

Lillard added, “The numbers did not favor us, but we have always had the effort. I said that earlier in the season. We just always have not been on the same page communication-wise.”

Communication was the key for Portland’s Derrick Jones Jr on Wednesday. Especially as the Pelicans had a chance to draw or lead the game into overtime on the final possession.

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