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Anthony Davis Reveals His ‘Competitive Spirit’ won’t Lead to Having a Coaching Career after Retirement

Anthony Davis

Making high IQ plays is one of the most important abilities for any NBA player. Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis possesses that skill and has flaunted it time and time again.

Although Davis plays as a power forward in the NBA, during his high school days he used to play as a point guard. Being a PG helped him develop an amazing basketball IQ, which he uses from time to time.

AD’s importance to the team has been brought to light over the last few weeks. The 28-year-old is sidelined due to a calf injury, but he is still contributing to the team from the sideline. Thus helping the team from a coach’s perspective.

It might take a few more weeks for him to return to court. Until then, it will be exciting to see what value he adds to the team off the court.

Anthony Davis talks about his plans after retiring from the NBA

Anthony Davis

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, one might wonder if AD can take up the role of a coach in the future. He was asked this question in a recent interview, to which AD replied:

“You always want to make sure that you’re going out there fully healthy. This isn’t the first time that I’ve aggravated this. This is the second time I’ve aggravated this, and it’s an Achilles, so you want to be smart with it, so even though I feel ready to get back on the floor, you’ve got those guys around you to say ‘not yet. … That does not make me want to get into coaching.”

Anthony Davis further continued that he has not even a little interest in becoming a coach after his career is over in the league.

Nah, that’s just my competitive spirit. I’m just so into the game and helping the guys win that when I see things, I just need to help them. That’s just who I am, but it is not going to lead to a coaching career after I get done playing.”

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But in the past, we have seen players change their minds once their career is nearing the end. So do you think AD will ever coach an NBA team? Let us know your views in the comments section below.


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