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Andre Drummond on Lakers Defense: “Locked Out Defensively and Offense Took Care of Itself” Post Dramatic Win Over Nets

Andre Drummond

The Los Angeles Lakers swiped out Brooklyn Nets by 126-101 on Saturday night. The strong Lakers defense stimulated the team to earn massive victory.

Lakers played without their top-five offense LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma, Wesley Matthews, and Gasol, but they relied on sticky defense. In a post-game interview, Andre Drummond shared the Lakers game plan against. Since the top offensive lineup was out of the team due to injuries, they firmly focused on the defense side. “Right now we need to lock in defensively not worry about offense,” Drummond stated.

Further, Drummond thinks that the tough defense from the Lakers stopped the Brooklyn Nets’ mighty offense. “I said listen you know we can’t play like this you know we can’t allow them to get momentum,” Drummond continued.

After looking at the Nets’ aggressiveness on the offense, the Lakers changed their game plan and let the offense work itself. With that note, Andre conveyed their game plan, “We came out locked in defensively and off and the offense took care of itself.”

Tower of terror: Lakers defense

The Lakers might not be the best defensive team in the NBA. But their daunting defense has stopped many top offensive teams.

Markieff Morris #88, Andre Drummond #2 and Head Coach Frank Vogel of the Los Angeles Lakers Defense stand on the sidelines during the game

Markieff Morris #88, Andre Drummond #2 and Head Coach Frank Vogel of the Los Angeles Lakers stand on the sidelines during the game against the Milwaukee Bucks. (Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images)

The LA Lakers are currently at No. 7 in the defense category among the 30 NBA teams. Nevertheless, The Lakers are well known for their strong offense, but several offensive stars, namely LeBron and Davis, impact on the defense too.

The forces from the Lakers defense actually are not just aggressive, and they are maniacally intent on stopping any big team. Subsequently, the team Lakers have proved again against the mighty Brooklyn nets.


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