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A Look at What LeBron James Considers His “Biggest Milestone”

LeBron James

The legacy of LeBron James in the world of basketball is unparalleled. However, the 36-year-old  has started to make waves off the court as well. He has endorsed major brands and acquired major stakes in organizations. LeBron also has a stake in the operation of Liverpool FC in England.

With all of this going on in his life off the court, LeBron James has come out and said that becoming a billionaire will be the biggest milestone of his life. He is on course to do so, with many financial advisors predicting that he will achieve this feat by the end of the year.

LeBron James is handling the business aspect of his legacy with utmost care and concern. He wants to build a name for himself that stretches way beyond his basketball career. LeBron has publicly stated that he wants to use his prolific basketball career as a launchpad for his future business ventures.

Fenway Sports Group is an organization that is the owner of many popular franchises like the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC. “King James” has a major ownership stake in FSG. This means that LeBron will have a say in all the future endeavors of these two franchises.

LeBron James

LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 15: LeBron James #23, Andre Drummond #2, and Anthony Davis #3 of the Los Angeles Lakers

James is also the co-founder of LADDER, a sports nutrition company. The four-time MVP collaborated with his trainer, Mike Mancias, to form this company. According to their website, Ladder is a “sports nutrition company dedicated to creating high-performance, NSF Certified for Sport® workout supplements for daily use. We formulate products to complement a strong nutritional foundation and unlock the next level in training and exercise.”

Thus, it can be said that along with incredible game awareness, LeBron James has tremendous business acumen. He has used it to increase his already ginormous wealth and will continue to do so in future investments.


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