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“My heart isn’t sustainable for two overtimes at this point in my career” – Lebron James Tells after Winning Over Pistons!

The Los Angeles Leakers desperately needed Two Overtimes from LeBron James to ultimately take down the Detroit Pistons by 135-129 on Saturday. The 36-year-old trusted power forward, LeBron James, saved the LA Leakers by playing for a long 46 minutes and scoring a massive 33 points with 11 assists in the game.

The Winning Wasn’t an Easy Task at All!

However, winning over Detroit Pistons wasn’t an easy task for the LA Leakers. The LA Leakers were in a comfort zone till the third quarter of the game. Later, in the fourth quarter, the Detroit Piston played exceptionally well and stretched the game towards double overtime.

How LeBron Reacted After the Game?

After finishing the game, in a LeBron James interview, James said in a humorous manner, “I’m 36 years old, and … my heart is not sustainable for two overtimes at this point in my career. I’ve got a bottle of wine at home ready to be opened, and I delayed it for two overtime periods.”
However, James’ reaction could be a funny one after winning against the Pistons. But the way James played in the game, and his role in winning the game will be remembered for sure. In the final 90 seconds, James just nailed the Pistons with two of his step-back triples.

LeBron James Made it Possible Along with Davis

The extreme intelligence of LeBron James gets the win for the Los Angele Leakers in the second overtime. However, another power forward, Anthony Davis, also played exceptionally well in the game and managed to score 30 massive points. During the regulation time, the LA Leakers had missed out on an ample number of winning chances. But in the end, they managed to get a narrow win over the Detroit Pistons with the help of their two most trusted power forwards.

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