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MotoGP: Valentino Rossi does not have retirement plan

MotoGP: Valentino Rossi does not have retirement plan

Valentino Rossi


Currently, it is becoming difficult for Rossi to win in MotoGP. Continue to have difficulty competing with young riders, The Doctor should have retired a few years ago.

Failing to win a single victory, Rossi finished the 2019 season in position 7. This result dropped dramatically compared to 2018 currently occupying the position of three final standings.

This is at once Rossi’s worst achievement since he left Ducati. Growing age and the arrival of young riders have the potential to make the 40-year rider increasingly difficult to realize the hopes of winning the 10th world title.

“It would be better if Rossi had decided to retire beforehand. It is true that he can race until the age of 50 years and will be able to get the position of seven or eight, or sometimes go up to the podium once a year. But the Rossi we know is Rossi who always struggles to win, “said the former 500cc world champion in 1981, Marco Lucchinelli.

“Now, that important thing has changed,” he continued quoted from Marca.

Rossi was hit by the issue of going to retire in the middle of this season. Although the news was very strong he did not intend to hang the helmet.

So far, the owner of 76 wins in the MotoGP class is certain to come back racing in 2020. That is the last year of his contract with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP.


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