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MotoGP: Valentino Rossi began to feel the effects of the 2020 MotoGP delay

Valentino Rossi began to feel the effects of the 2020 MotoGP delay. Corona virus pandemic which continues to be endemic throughout the country, including Italy, making the future of Yamaha Monster Energy riders increasingly unclear.

The spread of Covid-19 which has worsened and reached more than 300,000 cases and claimed 14,000 lives worldwide is now a concern for all countries. Major events were also canceled to prevent the spread of the virus. MotoGP must also receive its effects. The first four MotoGP 2020 series cannot be held on schedule. While the next three series are also threatened to be canceled.

With this condition, Rossi became the racer most felt the sap. Not only is the situation in his country getting worse, the race that has been postponed has made the Italian rider also unable to determine his future in the MotoGP event. Previously, he had said he wanted to make decisions related to his future in the first half of MotoGP 2020 or after the first seven races.

“This situation has changed all my plans. We have to see when we will race again, it seems like everything will take a long time (to return to normal),” Rossi said, reported by Marca.

The Doctor – nickname Rossi – deserves to worry about this condition. In fact, if the 2020 MotoGP race is finally not held, he will have difficulty continuing his career going forward. Moreover, the age of 41 years has become one of the reasons. However, he still hopes the corona virus problem can be finished soon and the race can still continue.

To be sure, Rossi will still use the same approach, namely evaluating his appearance before making a decision. Although he does not yet know the certainty whether the race will take place, he believes he can still run the race well.

‘At first I hoped to decide whether to continue my career or not after the first half of the season. But, everything changed. I needed a series to see if I could compete. That would be important. At least 13 races were needed for a championship and for fulfilling it will not be enough if you use the existing format. We will see what will be said (CEO of Dorna, Carmelo) Ezpeleta and what happens with the virus,’ said Rossi.

Rossi is currently still undergoing quarantine in his hometown, Tavullia. Italy became one of the epicenter of the corona and lockdown viruses imposed in the southern European country until Rossi called the situation a war zone. The 2020 season will be the last year for Rossi to defend the Yamaha factory team in MotoGP. His position will later be replaced by young driver Fabio Quartararo who managed to steal the show in his debut season.

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