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MotoGP: Only Severe Crash Can Stop Marquez

MotoGP: Only Severe Crash Can Stop Marquez

Marc Marquez


Marc Marquez is a MotoGP rider who is hard to beat right now. The severe crash is considered to be the only thing that can stop the Repsol Honda rider.

That was stated by former racer Loris Capirossi. The former Italian rider admitted that Marquez was indeed hard to beat at the moment.

Marquez has just grabbed his sixth MotoGP title in 2019. In total, the 26-year-old rider has been eight times world champion, with two other titles each obtained from the Moto2 and 125cc classes.

Not only the title, but a series of records also continued to be broken by Marquez. With that achievement, Capirossi also said that only a bad crash could stop Marquez’s actions.

‘Marquez has practically made a perfect season in 2019, he is more mature. He is more careful now,’ Capirossi told Paddock-GP.

‘When he can’t he remains satisfied, but he doesn’t finish in 10th place, he almost goes to 2nd position. Someone like him who always reaches the podium is hard to beat.’

‘Our sport is dangerous, and in my opinion, only a bad crash can stop him from setting a record in a race. In this case, he develops a lot and rarely falls in races. He falls in tests, but he does it to understand the motor. After he understands it He took steps, and remained at that level in the race,’ explained the man who won the 125cc class twice and 250cc once.


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