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MotoGP observer Carlo Pernat agrees with the decision taken by the Yamaha team

MotoGP observer Carlo Pernat agrees with the decision taken by the Yamaha team


Yamaha’s Monster Energy Team is the only manufacturer that has completed the lineup of racers in the upcoming MotoGP 2021. Valentino Rossi’s name was crossed out in the arrangement and replaced with Fabio Quartararo.

Quartararo will partner with the Yamaha team for two seasons (2021-2022). The day before, the Japanese manufacturer had received certainty from Maverick Vinales when the racer nicknamed Top Gun renewed his contract for two seasons (2021-2022).

MotoGP observers, Carlo Pernat commented on the decision of the Yamaha team to duet Vinales and Quartararo next season. According to him, there were two parties who were harmed in this matter.

‘Yamaha gave two blows, one for Ducati and one for Valentino. Between Ducati and Vinales seemed almost complete, but negotiations with Quartararo were also at stake. Yamaha was tired and showed his attitude. He did not want to wait for Valentino to decide why he would be fascinated,’ Pernat was quoted as saying. from Motori Fanpage, Sunday (2/2/2020).

However, Pernat agreed with the decision taken by the Yamaha team. He also claimed if he had a role in Tala Fork, then he would decide the same thing.

‘If I play the Yamaha, I will do the same. He acts like a real motorcycle manufacturer and shows his attitude. They want to be at the forefront and get rid of Valentino’s’ slavery’, guaranteeing the future for what he can, that is, a motorcycle officially,’ concluded Pernat.


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