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MotoGP: Honda Trying To Help Lorenzo As Much As Possible

MotoGP: Honda Trying To Help Lorenzo As Much As Possible

Honda Repsol said it was helping Jorge Lorenzo as much as possible


Honda Repsol insisted that they were helping Lorenzo as much as possible. Lorenzo and Marc Marquez underwent the race at Motorland de Aragon on Sunday (9/22/2019) in inverse proportion.

Marquez, who started at the forefront, successfully defended his position to the end without significant threats from his rivals.

The win brought Marquez closer to the eighth world championship title, which can be won in the next series in Thailand. On the other hand, Lorenzo continues to experience difficulties since his comeback from a spinal injury.

The Spaniard started from third from behind, to cross the twentieth finish line. Even more tragic, Lorenzo adrift more than 46 seconds behind Marquez.

“The positive thing is clear victory and the way he achieved,” Repsol Honda’s manager Alberto Puig says reported by Crash. “The negative is that Jorge didn’t have an easy period with our motorbike, we were helping him as much as we could.”

“We know he’s a formidable racer but it’s a pity that it didn’t go as expected in these races. We need to find a different solution for the next series.”

The results of Lorenzo’s fall in Aragon bring back rumors about his future. The five-time world champion was widely rumored to be retiring at the end of the 2019 season.


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