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MotoGP: Because of injury Lorenzo is now afraid of falling

MotoGP: Because of injury Lorenzo is now afraid of falling
MotoGP: Because of injury Lorenzo is now afraid of falling


Lin Jarvis assess Jorge Lorenzo’s performance dropped due to injuries that often befall him. To the extent that Lorenzo is now afraid of falling because of losing confidence.

Lorenzo’s performance dropped sharply in the 2019 MotoGP title. Melakoni debuted with the Repsol Honda Team, the Spaniard has not even finished in the top ten in 14 series that have taken place.

His best achievement this season is finishing 11th in the French MotoGP. This makes Lorenzo slumped in 19th in the drivers’ standings.

The unfortunate situation that Lorenzo is currently experiencing is making Jarvis concerned. The Managing Director of the Yamaha Racing Team felt that injury was the main factor for Lorenzo to suffer this season.

“This condition is truly shocking, Jorge is a world champion five times and three of them are in the MotoGP class with us. We know very well the capacity he has,” said Lin Jarvis quoted from Marca.

“It is very sad to see him in the last race also seeing his performance since the beginning of this season. He is clearly physically in a difficult condition due to injury,” he explained.

“In my opinion, he is still afraid of falling. Because of his last accident. He also has not tuned with his motorbike. He has not lost his ability but not for his confidence,” Jarvis said.

Injury is an enemy of Lorenzo this season. He must be absent in the MotoGP preseason because he suffered a left wrist injury.

Disasters befall Lorenzo again during free practice ahead of the Dutch MotoGP. He had an accident that made him suffer a spinal injury. This injury is severe enough to force the man born in Palma is absent in four MotoGP series.



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