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MotoGP: Aragon 2019 MotoGP Schedule

MotoGP: Aragon 2019 MotoGP Schedule

MotoGP: Aragon 2019 MotoGP Schedule


The MotoGP prepares to undergo a series 14 race at the Aragon Grand Prix. Marc Marquez seems to be aiming for his fourth successive home win when appearing in Spain this weekend.

Currently, Marquez has collected 275 points. He is 93 points ahead of his closest competitor Andrea Dovizioso. Judging by the track record, the chances of the Baby Alien to stand strong on the first podium is quite large.

Since arriving in the main MotoGP class, Marquez has collected the first four podiums. Three of them were won in a row in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Seeing these statistics it feels quite difficult for other drivers to beat Marquez. Moreover, there is only one racer from outside Spain who came out as the MotoGP Aragon champion, namely Casey Stoner (2010 and 2011).

I think the battle for the podium will be interesting. But before fans get tensed watching the MotoGP circus pave, they first have to undergo free training sessions until qualifying to find the right settings for their mounts.

The first and second free practice sessions will take place today. While the third, fourth, and qualifying exercises will take place the next day or Saturday. For the race, itself will take place Sunday and according to the official MotoGP website, the race schedule is advanced one hour faster.


Following the Aragon 2019 MotoGP Schedule:

Friday, September 20 2019

08.55 UK – 09.40 UK, First Free Training Session

13.10 UK – 13.55 UK, Second Free Training Session

Saturday, September 21 2019

08.55 UK – 09.40 UK, Third Free Exercise Session

12.30 UK – 13.00 UK, Fourth Free Training Session

13.10 UK – 13.50 UK, Qualification

Sunday, 22 September 2019

08.30 UK – 08.50 UK Warming

12.00 UK, Racing


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