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MotoGP: 2020 will be an emotional year for Cal Crutchlow

MotoGP: 2020 will be an emotional year for Cal Crutchlow


Next year will be an emotional year for Cal Crutchlow. The reason, he has assumed that it seemed to be the end of his career in the MotoGP race.

On October 29, Crutchlow had turned 34 years old. He was listed as the second oldest racer in the main MotoGP class after Valentino Rossi (40).

Therefore, Crutchlow always mentioned that next year would be the end of his career. That was disclosed last year.

Crutchlow said in August 2018 that he still had a Honda factory contract until the end of 2020. He always assumed that this would be his last MotoGP contract.

“I know the reason. I am not a bad racer but maybe in 2019, it is a combination of me and a motorcycle and so on. I can still get results as well as before, I can still win races in this championship. I’m not worried about slowing down. This has to do with a lot of my injuries, “continued Crutchlow.

Crutchlow added that his body began to decline. But it should be underlined that he is not a weak racer and he will always give 100% as long as he still has a contract.

Crutchlow’s career during the stage in MotoGP nothing flashy. Since 2011 there have been no world titles that have filled his trophy cabinet. His best position is only in fifth place in the 2013 MotoGP final standings.

“I always give everything for this sport (100%). If that is not enough to win the MotoGP World Championship title, I can accept it. I can confidently say that I give 100% in every round in every race. I don’t want to change what “Of course, I lost a few podiums here and there. And I’m not saying that I will definitely stop after the 2020 season. Maybe by 2020, no one will hurt me anymore,” concluded Crutchlow.


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