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Top 10 Batsmen With Most Fours in International Cricket

Most Fours in International Cricket

Scoring a boundary has always been the main form of accelerating one’s innings. From the very beginning of the game, the batsman has always been thirsty to hit more and more boundaries.

When a batsman hits the ball and the ball either rolls to the boundary line or drops before the boundary line, the batsman is awarded four runs.

Although six-hitting has been the major go-to factor due to the surge in t20 cricket, scoring four runs on a ball is always the safer approach of playing.

Over the years, we’ve seen batsmen scoring truckloads of runs and boundaries. Here, we list the top 10 batsmen with the most international boundaries.

#10. Chris Gayle


The “Universe Boss” is mainly known to the world because of his exploits in T20I cricket. However, he has more than  17000 runs in the other two formats.

In all, Gayle has played 465 innings and hit 2315 fours. Add to that, 535 sixes he has hit and we would have an example of his hitting prowess.

#9. Virender Sehwag


The Indian opening batsman was feared by opponents all over the world. His see the ball-hit the ball strategy created terrorised opposition bowlers.

The “Nawab Of Nazafgarh” hit 2408 boundaries in the 374 matches he played.

Moreover, he’s the only batsman apart from Don Bradman to have three 290+ scores in test cricket- a fact which obliges his position among the greats of the game.

#8. Jacques Kallis


Arguably the greatest all-rounder of all time, Jacques Kallis has been one of the gentlemen of the game.

In a career that saw all the highs and lows, Kallis hit 2455 boundaries apart from scoring 25000+ plus runs and hauling 500+ wickets. These indeed have him as a true giant of the game.

#7. Sanath Jayasuriya


Opening in cricket has gone through a big revolution after this swashbuckling, audacious batsman started opening for Sri Lanka.

The “Matara Mauler“- as he was called had a penchant for sending the ball to the ropes. It was this fearlessness of his that has helped him to carve 2486 boundaries in 586 matches.

Add to that his part-time left spin and we would get a destructive package.

#6. Brian Lara


One would accept the Prince of Trinidad to be on the list. Such was his sorcery in his playing years.

Arguably, the greatest left-handed batsman to play the game, Brian Lara had the rough job of carrying a weak team for a major part of his career.

The stylish left-hander has hit 2601 boundaries in his 430 matches for West Indies.

#5. Rahul Dravid


If Sachin Tendulkar is credited for many match-winning innings for India, Rahul Dravid must be done so for saving matches from precarious positions.

Nicknamed “The Wall“, he had all the qualities of the nickname. His defence was unbreachable and had worn down the bowlers of his generation over the years.

In a career that spanned for around 16 years, Dravid scored more than 24000 runs along with 2604 rolling hits to the fence.

#4. Mahela Jayawardane


A masterful technician, Jayawardane had been the lynchpin of Lankan batting over the years.

In a career that achieved astounding highs and surprising lows, Jayawardane accumulated close to 26000 runs along with 2679 boundaries.

His retirement in 2015 left a void in Sri Lanka’s batting which is unfilled since then.

#3. Ricky Ponting

The most successful captain in terms of wins, Ricky Ponting’s batting enthralled the audience completely. Add to it his aggressive nature and we would get a thrilling package.

Punter, as he was called, was one of the most dominant batsmen of his generation along with Tendulkar and Lara, and had often won matches for Australia single-handedly.

The elegant right-hander hit 2781 fours in his illustrious career.

#2. Kumar Sangakkara


Kumar Sangakkara was one of a kind. He kept on scoring runs consistently for his team but never hogged the limelight.

In a career that sparkled for about 15 years, Sangakkara scored more than 28000 runs with the help of 3015 fours.

Sangakkara bid farewell to the game in 2015, not before winning the t20 World Cup and filling the void of an ICC trophy in his cap.

#1. Sachin Tendulkar


No prizes for guessing the top spot. We all were quite aware of the fact that Sachin would end up on top of the list. Such has been his dominance that he’s on top of most of the batting records.

The Indian batting legend had pummeled bowlers of his time and scored around 34357 runs along with 4076 boundaries.

The way he dominated the batting charts can be realized by the fact the next best is 3015 fours by Kumar Sangakkara.


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