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Top 10 Most Expensive NFL Stadiums

Most Expensive NFL Stadiums

Over the last few years, on average, 16 million people per season attended the stadiums to watch NFL. The number could have been more if there were more capacity in each stadium. Therefore, venues are extended or renovated from time to time to meet the increased demand. Besides, over the years, the NFL also built many new stadiums with more spaces to host games in front of maximum spectators.

That being said, have you ever wondered about how expensive NFL stadiums are? The answer can be both yes or no. However, we have listed the 10 most expensive NFL stadiums to fulfill your curiosity.

#10. Lincoln Financial Field

Lincoln Financial Field

Credit: Cal Sport Media / Alamy Stock Photo

Lincoln Financial Field is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and serves as the home stadium for Philadelphia Eagles and Temple Owls football team. The local people often refer to this stadium as “The Linc.” However, the construction work started in 2001 and was inaugurated in 2003. Further, the stadium renovated and expanded in 2013-14. The initial construction cost was $512 million, and the total cost with the renovation was around $712 million.

The Linc has a seating capacity of 69,176 and features luxury seats, wheelchair-accessible seats, and more modern services. The renovated features include a WiFi facility for 45,000 attendees, upgraded amenities, two new HD boards, and connecting bridge for upper levels. However, Lincoln Financial group bought the naming right in June 2002 for $139.6 million for the next 21 years. Lincoln Financial Field primarily hosts both NFL and NCAA games. Besides, it also hosts other games and big concerts.

In 2013, Lincoln Financial Field was named as one of the greenest NFL stadiums due to its energy efficiency policy, generating power through the 11,000 solar panels that save 30% of the energy consumption. Further, it is also listed as a Vegetarian-Friendly NFL Stadiums by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

#9. Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium

Indianapolis Colts home field Lucas Oil Stadium opened in 2008 in Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. It took three years to build the stadium, and the total cost was $720 million. Lucas Oil Stadium is a multipurpose stadium that hosts football, basketball, and various entertainment events. The total seating capacity is 67,000 for American football, while it is 70,000 for basketball events.

Further, the stadium covers approximately 1.8 million square feet that have 139 suites, two exhibit halls, two club lounges, and 12 meeting rooms. Besides, it also offers two 53-foot-tall HD video boards. The venue also has a connection to Indiana Convention Center through an underground walkway. Other features include 14 escalators, 7 locker rooms, 11 indoor truck docks.

Lucas Oil secured the naming rights for $122 million for the next 20 years, starting in 2008. The architectural firm HKS, Inc. designed the stadium with the Structural Engineer Walter P Moore. Nevertheless, the retractable roof with a large retractable window on end gives the stadium a beautiful look.

#8. Soldier Field

Soldier Field

Soldier Field is one of the oldest stadiums in the USA that has experienced and witnessed many historic events, football games, and soccer matches. It was open in 1924 in the Near South Side of Chicago, Illinois, and has been serving as the home field for Chicago Bears.

The original construction cost was $13 million, and it got renovated in 2003 for $632 million dollars. Previously it has a capacity of 66,944 people, which decreased to 61,500 after the renovation. The major sports event the Soldier Field hosted is NFL games, College Footballs, Hockey, Major League Soccer games, 1994 FIFA World Cup, several CONCACAF Gold Cup, Copa América Centenario, and more. However, the venue also hosted major rallies with speeches from Martin Luther King Jr., Amelia Earhart, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Apart from the events, about 97 concerts have taken place at Soldier Field during the last 90 years.

#7. US Bank Stadium

US Bank Stadium

It is the first billion dollars NFL stadium opened in 2016 to play Minnesota Vikings’ home games. Furthermore, it also hosts the early college baseball games of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. Although the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission (MSFC) and the Vikings submitted the proposal in 2007, it took seven years to get approval from the authorities and overcome some obstacles. Finally, the construction work started in 2014 and finished in two years.

The total cost of the US Bank Stadium was $1.061 billion, which was financed by the state, the city of Minneapolis, the Vikings team, and some private contributors.

The stadium has a capacity of up to 70,000 people with access to some tremendous features. The stadium comes with 131 executive suites and Act Global Artificial Turf surface, which is certified by the FIFA UBU Speed Series S5. Some other features are, the stadium runs on 100% wind energy, reduction of CO2 emission, 180 bike racks, and more.

#6. Levi’s Stadium

Levi’s Stadium

Another billion-dollar stadium, which cost around $1.3 billion and was opened in 2014. Since the inauguration, it has been serving as the home ground for the San Francisco 49ers. The internationally renowned architectural firm HNTB designed Levi’s Stadium with an aim to create a multipurpose stadium.

Over the last seven years, the venue has hosted some significant events such as Super Bowl 50, WrestleMania 31, Ice Hockey, College Football, Soccer, and Concerts. Further, it has a 68,500 seating capacity which may increase up to 76,976.

It was primarily created as an open stadium that also included a natural gas field. The design features accessibility and improved seating options for the disabled and people who require special needs. Moreover, the stadium comes with the configure ability for other special events such as motocross events, conferences, and other community events. Another best thing about Levi’s stadium is the 6,500 square feet organically maintained rooftop farm.

#5. AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium

With stadium having seats of 80,000, AT&T Stadium is the fourth largest stadium in the NFL by seating capacity. The stadium was opened in 2009 and cost $1.3 billion. It is also the Cowboys stadium as it is the home of the Dallas Cowboys. Besides, AT&T Stadium also arranges the Big 12 Championship game. However, the facility is not just limited to hosting sporting events; it also hosts concerts and motocross events.

The premises consist of a Hall of Fame exclusive venue that has a private entrance to the prime lounges, cushioned seating, and a direct view of the players. Nevertheless, the outstanding features of the stadium made it much more lucrative. The features include the retractable roof, immense Jumbotron HDTV screen, and the controlled temperature, which ensure that the spectators feel comfortable during the game.  

#4. Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

With $1.6 billion expenditure Mercedes-Benz Stadium is one of the most expensive NFL stadium. Primarily it is known as “The Benz.” The venues replaced the Georgia Dome and opened in August 2017. However, Atlanta Falcons use this as their home venue and so do the Atlanta United FC. The facility is owned by the state government of Georgia but operated by the AMB group.

The stadium can accommodate up to 75,000 spectators in NFL games and 42,500 in soccer games. It offers some astonishing features, and a retractable roof is its signature feature. The Benz has two oversized locker rooms, which are capable of housing 100 players in each room.

Some major events the stadium has hosted are NFL, Soccer, College football, and Concerts

#3. MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium

Home of Super Bowl 48, MetLife Stadium, located in New Jersey, is one of the renowned stadiums in the USA. It is the home of the New York Giants and jointly owned by the Giants, New York Jets, and MetLife company. They also privately financed the construction of the venue and it cost $1.6 billion. Built in 2010, MetLife Stadium was the most expensive stadium ever built in the USA. In 2011 MetLife purchased the naming right of this renown stadium.

With a capacity of 82,500, it is enormous and also signifies one of the largest stadiums in America. To make it a world-class standard, multiple top companies such Bruce Mau Design, Rockwell Group, and Skanska AB worked together.

Furthermore, it is also a multipurpose venue that hosts big events such as WrestleMania, Soccer, College football, Monster Jam, concerts, and other events.  

#2. Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium

Located in Paradise, Nevada, Allegiant Stadium is a domed stadium that opened on July 31, 2020. However, the construction began in 2017 and cost $1.9 billion to finish up. Although the facility is yet to experience the major events, it will arrange the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup Final, NFL Pro Bowl, and Garth Brooks concert.

Initially, Allegiant Stadium was the home venue for Las Vegas Raiders and Rebels college football. Apart from the NFL and college football games, this NFL stadium will arrange 20 to 25 additional events per year.

The venue features an ETFE roof and a black & silver exterior with light-up strips. When it comes to the ground, Allegiant stadium’s ground covered with Bermuda grass as the Raiders love to play on the grass field.

#1. SoFi Stadium

SoFi Stadium

SoFi Stadium is the latest addition to the NFL’s most expensive stadium list. Open in September 2020, SoFi costs $5.6 billion. It is the home for LA Chargers/ Rams, which can accommodate approximately 70,000 fans and is expandable up to 100,000 fans.

The venue is packed with the state of the art technology. Besides, its larger-than-life 4K video board known as Oculus is the most interesting feature of SoFi.  

SoFi Stadium is a multipurpose venue to host a variety of sporting events and other events. It will host the upcoming Super Bowl LVI, 2026 FIFA World Cup, and 2028 Summer Olympics.


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