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Ranking the Top 10 Most Entertaining Tennis Players in History

Most Entertaining Tennis Players

Tennis is a globally recognized sport, with players coming from each corner of the globe. Thus, the sport has witnessed many great and skilled players throughout its rich history.

These talented players left their mark on the sport but some got forgotten with time because talent isn’t the only trait but the quality to attract and entertain crowd is a very important fact to be remembered.

In this article, we will witness the top 10 most entertaining tennis players in history, who didn’t only only dominated the sport but also entertained the crowd with their appearance on court.

#10. Rafael Nadal

The Spaniard is one of the greatest player, and him smashing the tennis ball alone can only keep the crowd entertained.

Rafael Nadal is also known as the ‘King of Clay’ because of his dominance at clay surface. Therefore, watching his baseline playing style at tournaments like Roland Garros and Madrid Open is a spectacular experience.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal. (Source: Getty Images)

Apart from his skills, Rafa can also entertain you with just talking in English, as the tennis maestro got a very humorous accent, which is also very adorable. And many times the Spain’s Raging Bull was found cracking jokes with his fellow players at the court.

#9. Andy Roddick

The former professional tennis star is one of the most talented player from the American soil and had entertained the entire world with his game throughout his glorious career.

Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick. (Source: Getty Images)

The former World No. 1 is known for his powerful serves, like he recorded the fourth fastest serve in the tennis history, which is around 155 mph. But aside from his strong serves, Andy Roddick gained quite an attention for doing fun imitations of fellow players and especially Rafael Nadal.

#8. Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf is considered as one of the greatest female players in history of tennis, and watching her play can be one of the greatest delight a tennis fan could ever have.

The German legend’s great footwork and forehand were something to look for, and whenever she played against fellow legends like Martina Navratilova and Monica Seles were the most entertaining thing to watch on this planet.

The excellent game wasn’t the only thing Graf was known for, as this tennis star was an absolute German beauty. The stadiums used to get packed whenever Steffi played because there can be anything more entertaining than a beautiful woman showcasing the best tennis on the planet. Who can forget that legendary event when a fan proposed this great German star at a Wimbledon match. And her actual marriage also attracted a lot of attention, because of settling with the American tennis star Andre Agassi.

#7. Mansour Bahrami

Mansour Bahrami might be the greatest showman at a tennis court. The former Iranian achieved little success in his career, but watching him play is just pure entertainment.

The Iranian player had the potential to become great, but because of tennis getting banned in Iran, he was forced to quit. However, Bahrami could never forget the sport he loved and thus fled to France.

Bahrami lost his touch and his prime, so he couldn’t attain the glory after escaping to France. But he showed some exceptional skills like his backspin shot and used to fool around a lot on the court. Therefore, Mansour still gets many invitations to invitational tournaments.

#6. Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios is a very talented player who showcased some excellent tennis at all his appearances. However, he not only bout some great tennis to court but also a lot of drama.

Kyrgios is known for his volatile personality, as the Australian has got into troubles many times because of his poor conducts, like shouting at officials or at opponents and also seen throwing his racket to the ground. Everyone can always expect to witness some drama when Kyrgios appears at the court.

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios. (Source: Getty Images)

Kyrgios’ playing or on-court manners are not only entertainment but also his off-court life, as the Australian is known for his charity works but also his love life. So many times, Kyrgios has appeared on news because of his dating life.

#5. Roger Federer

Roger Federer is the greatest player in the history, who’s dominating the sport for over a decade. This Swiss maestro makes the sport look like a child’s play.

Watching Federer’s fluid style of playing is something anyone can forget. Federer is like an artist who paints a beautiful painting but instead of brush uses a racket and the tennis court is his canvas.

Roger Federer, Most Entertaining Tennis Player

Roger Federer. (Source: Getty Images)

Federer is not only a most entertaining player but also entertains his fans with his classic dressing and appearing on many brand commercials.

#4. Serena Williams

Serena Williams is one of the most entertaining tennis players in history because of her outstanding performance at a tennis court. There shouldn’t be any doubt why she’s the fan favourite and if anyone still got doubts, just watch her match video.

Serena Williams, Most Entertaining Tennis Player

Serena Williams. (Source: Getty Images)

Williams is not only famous for her exceptional skills at the sport but also because of her dressing style. She is one of the most fashionable player on the court and even started her own clothing brand. Her impact on the sport is gigantic and each day she inspires many young talents.

#3. Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi is an American legend with a glorious career, winning eight Grand Slam titles in his career and has entertained his fan since the beginning of his career.

During the 80s and early 2000s, Agassi was the biggest name in on the tennis court and has always showcased the best performance. But the most entertaining event in Agassi’s life might be his marriage. Him marrying the German legend Steffi Graf was the biggest news in tennis during that time.

Andre Agassi, The Most Entertaining Tennis Player.

Andre Agassi. (Source: Getty Images)

The former World No.1 never disappointed his fans and even entertained with his novel, even writing about things which no one knew, like him using drugs.

#2. John McEnroe

When discussing the most entertaining tennis players in history, there is no chance to forget talking about this American legend. John McEnroe was not only the greatest player but also a great entertainer during his time.

McEnroe always entertained the crowd with his appearance at the court. The former World No. 1 gained recognition as the ‘Hot-Headed American’ because of his etiquettes on a court. Seeing McEnroe loosing his cool is one of the most entertaining facts about him, and how can tennis fans forget his “You cannot be series” at the Wimbledon 1981.

McEnroe is not only an entertainer on court but also off-court as he’ one of the best commentators on a tour. The American star even went further from tennis to entertain people. As he was the narrator of a very popular Netflix series ‘Never Have I Ever’, everyone appreciated his work in the series.

#1. Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic takes the top spot on this list because the Serbian veteran is one of the most entertaining tennis players in the history.

The current World No.1 just loves to live his life at the fullest. Therefore, he not dominates the court with his playing but also loves to entertain fans with his short comical acts and fooling with the opponents, officials and even fellow teammates sometimes.

Who can forget his famous imitations of other tennis players, and especially that of Maria Sharapova. On many events, like Grand Slam, ATP tours and interviews, he appeared as Maria Sharapova. Because of his mischiefs, the World No.1 also earned the nickname “Joker”. However, never let his foolish behaviour blind you to his game, as the Serbian is on the best players in the world.


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