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Top 10 Most Dominant Seasons in Tennis History

Most Dominant Seasons in Tennis

There are many skilful players in this global sport with players coming from every corner of the world. Many of these superstars dominate the sport with their playing.

But being the dominant player doesn’t mean the ‘Greatest’ cause greatness is based on the achievements of their entire career. Whereas dominance is only about their achievement during a certain time period.

In this article, we will witness the achievements of ten players in a season, which became the most dominant seasons in tennis history.

#10. Björn Borg

The Swedish legend became a poster boy for tennis during the 70s and early 80s, in just a few years into the sport and Björn Borg became a teenage sensation and the top player at that moment.

Bjorn Borg, 1979.

Björn Borg, 1979. (Source: Getty Images)

Borg’s most successful season was 1979, when he just dominated the whole sport. As Borg added two more Grand Slam singles titles to his collection and even won the ATP tour finals. The Swedish was further the year-end World No.1 and during this season, he also became the first player to win over one million dollars prize money in just a single season.

However, the success in such a short period took a heavy toll on Borg and he retired from tennis at the age 26 because of burning out.

#9. Ivan Lendl

Ivan Lendl made a name for himself when the tennis was being dominated by the likes of John McEnroe and Pete Sampras, and the Czech legend just dominated the sport in 1986.


Lendl won two of his eventual eight Grand Slam titles collections. Further, the former World No. 1 even reached the first Wimbledon final of his career, but lost to the German great Boris Becker with a score of 4–6, 3–4, 5–7. Lendl also won the 1986 ATP Tour finals, and he had a win-percentage of 90 percent that year, a feat only achieved by Roger Federer after him.

After retiring as a player, Lendl returned as a magnificent coach, who became the reason for the success of Andy Murray.

#8. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is said to be one of the best player of present time, who’s been dominating the sport over a decade, since his rise to success in 2005. However, the 2008 season was the most remembered season in the Spaniard’s career.

Rafael Nadal, 2008.

Rafael Nadal, 2008. (Source: Getty Images)

In 2008, the “King of Clay” not only won his fifth Roland Garros title, but also lifted his second Wimbledon and his maiden US Open title. Apart from the Grand Slam glory, Nadal won three ATP Masters and also reached the ATP Tour Finals, but lost to his rival Roger Federer. He also claimed a gold medal that year at the Beijing Olympics.

Nadal still continues to dominating the sport and currently ranks the World No.2 at the ATP Rankings.

#7. John McEnroe

John McEnroe was considered the best player in the world during the 1980s and he dominated the sport during that era. However, his performance in 1984 is the most renowned one.

John McEnroe, 1984.

John McEnroe, 1984. (Source: Getty Images)

In 1984, he achieved the final Grand Slam glory in his career, winning the Wimbledon and US Open title and further reached the French Open final for the first and the last time. But he failed to win the Roland Garros, losing to Ivan Lendl. However, he won the ATP Tour Finals and WTA Finals that year and also named the ATP Player of the Year and the ITF World Champion.

#6. Serena Williams

Serena Williams is one of the greatest female players in the history and she dominated tennis for over a decade. However, the American’s dominance in 2012 is unforgettable.

Williams had a poor season in 2011, as she just recovered from hematoma and pulmonary embolism. However, she returned next season with a big bang and dominated the entire tennis, winning two Grand Slam singles titles and also a title in Wimbledon doubles. She further won the WTA Tour finals and even bagged two gold medals at the London Olympics in both singles and doubles.

Serena Williams, 2012.

Serena Williams, 2012. (Source: Getty Images)

Williams was also named the ITF World Champion that year because of her phenomenal performance and achievements.

#5. Roger Federer

Roger Federer is the greatest player in the tennis history who’s dominating the sport since his rise to glory in 2003. But among his so many outstanding seasons, the performance in 2006 stands on top.

Roger Federer, 2006.

Roger Federer, 2006. (Source: Getty Images)

Federer in 2006 had a win-percentage of 90 percentage, a feat only achieved by Ivan Lendl before him. King Roger lifted three Grand Slam titles that year and also won the ATP Tour finals. Apart from major titles, the Swiss maestro also bagged four ATP Masters titles.

However, Roger’s performance dropped in recent years because of undergoing operation to treat the injuries he received throughout his glorious career.

#4. Rod Laver

Rod Laver is a legendary name in tennis because of his phenomenal career. The Aussie legend not only dominated in the Open Era but also the Amateur Era of tennis, but his game in 1969 is unforgettable.

Rod Laver, 1969. Most Dominatnt Seasons in Tennis History

Rod Laver, 1969. ( Source: Getty Images)

In 1969, Laver won all four Grand Slam titles for the second time, which is still an unbroken record in tennis. Further, the Australian won 18 out of the 32 singles tournament he took part and also made a record of 106–16 win-loss stats. In that season, Rodney also won 21 consecutive matches, which was a record back then and it was topped by Björn Borg in 1980.

Laver is such an important figure in tennis, that an arena in Melbourne Park is named after him, which is also known for hosting Australian Open and also a tournament called Laver Cup is named after him.

#3. Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is the current king of tennis, who is dominating the sport at the moment and is also said the man who ended the reigns of Federer and Nadal. The Serbian maestro’s epic rule began in 2011, which also is one of the most dominant seasons in tennis history.

Nole became the World No.1 for the first time in 2011 and made many records that year too. He won three Grand Slam titles that year and only failed at Roland Garros because of losing to Federer in quarter-finals. Nole also won five ATP Masters titles that year alongside his outstanding stats of  70–6 win-loss. Therefore, the Serb was even named the ITF World Champion in 2011.

Djokovic again had a great season in 2015, when he again lifted three major titles alongside winning the ATP Tour finals. Even in 2021, Nole is showcasing some mind-blowing tennis, as he already bagged three Grand Slam and many believes him to even win the US Open, completing the set of Grand Slam in a single calender year, which is a great achievement last witnessed in 1969 by Rod Laver.

#2. Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf’s performance in 1988 is something which can never be forgotten, as she lifted the Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open for the first time and also completing the set of four Grand Slam with claiming her second Roland Garros. And she won all four in a single calender year, which is still a record in women’s tennis.

Steffi Graf, 1988. Most Dominant Seasons in Tennis History

Steffi Graf, 1988. (Source: Getty Images)

Graf also won a gold medal in Seoul Olympics and therefore she became the only player in history to win the Golden Slam. The German star’s achievement in 1988 is without a doubt one of the most dominant seasons in tennis history.

#1. Martina Navratilova

There is no doubt Martina Navratilova’s 1983 season ranks at the top among the 10 most dominant seasons in tennis history.

In 1983, the American legend not only claimed three major singles titles but also claimed three doubles Grand Slams. She further won both singles and doubles WTA Tour finals that year.

Martina Navratilova, 1983. Most Dominant Seasons in Tennis History.

Martina Navratilova, 1983. (Source: Getty Images)

Navratilova’s 1983 is not only remembered because of her major titles but also due to her stats, claiming a 86-1 win-loss record, which is the best stats in the Open Era. The Czech born only lost nine sets throughout that year, therefore this deserves to be called the most dominant season in the history.


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