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Mohamed Salah Has Potential to Withdraw from the Egyptian National Team

Mohamed Salah Has Potential to Withdraw from the Egyptian National Team


The problems that plagued Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian Football Federation entered a new phase. As a result, the Liverpool striker is expected to withdraw from the national team.

The incident began when the Egyptian Football Federation (EFA) made a technical error in administrative management related to the selection of the best players of The Best FIFA 2019. The mistake resulted in Egypt losing voice.

Salah then finished fourth – behind Virgil van Dijk, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. The Liverpool wing striker feels aggrieved over the negligence of the EFA.

Egypt then apologized by opening the discourse of giving the captain’s armband to Salah. However, their current captain, Ahmed Fathi, refused to give it.

The agent of the player who works for Fathi, Nader Shawky, said that his client was surprised after hearing EFA’s request. Nader believes Fathi will withdraw from the Egyptian national team if the captain’s armband is given to Salah.

Nader himself believes that Fathi overreacted. Because he believes Salah will reject the armband if all parties agree to give it.

“My personal opinion is that Salah himself will refuse to take the armband from Fathi,” Nader said on the ON Sports channel quoted by the Daily Mail.

Daily Mailmentions mentioning that Salah is currently not only in conflict with EFA officials but also with his own captain in the national team. If this problem is not resolved, according to the Daily Mail, Salah will withdraw from the Egyptian national team.

False polemic with Egyptian football officials is not the first time this has happened. Previously, the former Chelsea and AS Roma player was also annoyed when his portrait was used without permission for airline promotions. At that time EFA was reported as the party that gave its blessing.


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