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MLB Proposes Delayed Schedule, Shorter Session Considering the Pandemic Situation!

MLB's proposed schedule

Major League Baseball has proposed a one-month delay in starting the 2021 session and indicated reducing the number of games concerning the USA’s COVID-19 situation. A relevant source from MLB revealed a fair indication of the proposed plan to the press persons last Sunday.

What Is in The Proposed Plan?

However, MLB has not taken any final decision, and no official announcement has been made on this as it is still under consideration. According to the MLB’s proposed schedule presented to the player’s union on Friday, the opening date would be delayed by one month. The opening would start on April 28th instead of April 1st. With that, the spring training would be starting on March 22nd for the current session.

Apart from the delayed Schedule, the number of games has also been proposed to reduce from 162 to 154. The players would be providing their feedback on this by Monday. Meanwhile, MLB will wait in taking any further decision. The MLB officials are expecting to get a nod from the players as early as possible as the sensitive health issues are associated with the game.

The MLB Players are a Little Worried!

However, the players are worried as the proposed compressed session could lead to several physical injuries and restlessness to the players. And the projected plan can negatively impact their fitness during the shorter gaming session.

Manfred Is Incredibly Optimistic!

According to the USA Today report, Rob Manfred, the commissioner of MLB will take the lead to decide on postponing the current session. The MLB commissioner will consider every aspect recommended by the health experts before taking the final decision. The MLB officials have also indicated that they are incredibly optimistic about the gradual shrinking of COVID-19 cases in the USA. If delaying can make a fair situation, the officials said the sports enthusiasts could attend the whole gaming session without risking their health.

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