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Padres Star Manny Machado Reveals His Children Like Puppies Coby, Giggy Are Among 10 Things He Cant Live Without

Manny Machado

The San Diego Padres have a star third baseman in Manny Machado. A few games into this season and he is already lighting up the league. Moreover, he has already hit three home runs in the games he has played and is showing no signs of stopping.

In a recent YouTube video with GQ, Machado talked about the essential things he always has on him. It included his favorite bag, his precious watch, and a few other things which were his prized possessions. However, he said that the thing he values the most is his family.

Manny Machado talks about why he values his family

He said, “I think that is the most important one. I grew up with a big family, a lot of cousins. My grandma had about 12 kids. I’m a big family person. They love me. My wife has a small family and we all come together as one.”

He continued, “They are what keeps me alive in the world.”.Machado funnily called his pet dogs his son and stepson. “Got my son and my stepson there, Coby and Giggy. Giggy is my wife’s dog and her family. When I came in we had Coby and they have been brothers ever since. They can’t live without each other and we can’t live without them.”

Apart from these, Machado also divulged a few secrets. He showed the viewers his favorite kicks and told them about his favorite fragrance. The 28-year-old said that he likes to pick a different perfume for every season and this season he went with the Acqua Di Parma perfume.

Machado is in the top form this season and it is good news for the Padres Fans around the country. He is one of the few players in the league who can change the course of the game all on their own. If he continues on his hot streak this season, then the San Diego Padres have a lot of success waiting for them.


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