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“Have to figure out how that works” Craig Counsell expresses his concern to utilize all the starting out fielders.

Jackie Bradley Jr. has transferred to the Milwaukee Brewers

The Golden Glove-winning Jackie Bradley Jr has reportedly reached an agreement with the Milwaukee Brewers for a two-year contract. JBJ will undergo a physical examination before the Brewers confirm the signing. Manager Craig Counsell talked extensively to The Boston Globe about the impending signing of the 30-year-old.

Jackie Bradley Jr. was the first-round draft pick for the Boston Red Sox in 2011 and spent the subsequent eight seasons with them. He won the coveted Golden Glove award in 2018 owing to his superb fielding performance. His career stats are astronomical, having a batting average of .239 and 435 runs to his name.

Craig Counsell explains how he plans on incorporating JBJ

Bradley JR. is predominantly a center-fielder. However, the Milwaukee Brewers already have an established center-fielder in Lorenzo Cain. Speaking to The Boston Globe, Counsell explained how he will tackle this issue.

He said, “There is no doubt that Lorenzo will remain as our center-fielder. We don’t have any fourth outfielders. We’re going to have a lot of starting outfielders and we’re going to have to figure out how that works. That’s kind of how I’m viewing it. But there is playing time, absolutely.”

Jackie Bradley Jr. signs for the Milwaukee Brewers in a two-year deal

Craig Counsell will have to incorporate Jackie Bradley Jr. in his lineup

Speaking about 35-year-old Cain’s recurring health issues, he said, “Look, adding players that we can put out there every day, a combination of players who are going to tackle all of those plate appearances, I think it can create a really good insurance floor. And it would allow us to go a little bit slower [with] Cain at the start of the season if we had to. I’m not anticipating that will happen.”

He continued, “We’re trying to get his legs underneath him and it’s going a little slower than we’d like. Nothing that I would say we’re worried about, but it’s got to be a foundation. We have to build his foundation for him. It makes sense that he needs it. His legs were bugging him so we’re going a little slower, but it’s nothing I’m worried about for the season. We’re just going to have to go a little slower at the start here.”

Bradley Jr. excited about playing for a new team:

Erin Bradley tweeted an ardent message of gratitude towards the Boston Red Sox after the news of the transfer was made public.

She also said that JBJ “cannot wait for this new adventure” that awaits him at the Brewers.


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