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Dallas Keuchel is the “Biggest Hero of This Win” La Russa Credits White Sox Pitcher for Big Win Over Indians

Dallas Keuchel of Chicago White Sox

White Sox pitcher, Dallas Keuchel came through on short notice on Monday’s game against Cleveland Indians and delivered a big assist to win the game.

Dallas Keuchel found out a couple of hours before the Cleveland game that he would be pitching from the beginning of the game. However, Keuchel pitched five-plus innings and allowed three hits to led the victory for the Sox.

Initially, Indians’ First baseman Yu Chang hit Yasmani Grandal with a throw and tried to pressure Keuchel in the second base. But Dallas grazed the opponents with an average of 84 mph cutter in the game.

After Keuchel’s winning performance, Sox manager Tony La Russa applauded Keuchel as the night’s biggest hero. He conveyed, “To me, the biggest hero of the night is Keuche’, pitching when he didn’t expect to and getting through five like that that was, to me he is the biggest hero of this win.”

Dallas Keuchel against Indians

Keuchel was originally scheduled for the third game of the season, and he played last night’s game without proper practice. Despite playing without preparation, Keuchel was untouchable on Monday night’s outing. He yielded two home runs and continued the base until the sixth.

Dallas Keuchel #60 of the Chicago White Sox

Dallas Keuchel #60 of the Chicago White Sox pitches during the game against the Cincinnati Reds. Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Keuchel ran out of gas after the fifth innings and it was an ordeal achieving any outs in the sixth. However, Keuchel thinks he has more matches to show his skills. “It’s April 12, not even middle of the month, so we’ve got a lot of balls left,” Keuchel said in a post-game interview.

It is expected that, after Monday’s all-around heroic performance, Keuchel will also appear in tonight’s game. With the bats still hit or miss, Keuchel’s presence in the team will certainly work as a confidence boost.



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