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Alex Cora Asserts Eduardo Rodríguez Is “One of the Best” Left-Handed Pitcher ‘Out There’ in MLB.

Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodríguez is a player who needs no introduction in the baseball world. The left-handed pitcher missed the entirety of the 2020 season being COVID infected. “E-Rod” has publicly stated that he wanted to play in the opening day starter last season. This season, however, he will finally get a chance to do so.

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora confirmed on Wednesday that Rodríguez will be a part of the opening-day team. Ever since he came back after recovering from Covid, Rodríguez is showing signs that he is returning to his best form.

In the spring training game against the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday, Eduardo struck out 6 opposition players which ultimately resulted in a resounding 9-1 victory for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox’s first game this season will be against the Baltimore Orioles on April 1. It is also the former team of Eduardo Rodríguez, from where he got traded to the Boston side in 2015.

Manager Alex Cora confident about Eduardo Rodríguez

Speaking to the reporters after the game against the Twins, Cora reiterated his belief in Rodríguez. He said, “Indeed, it’s going to be Eduardo. He’s one of the best out there. He had a great season in ’19. Last year, he wasn’t able to pitch for obvious reasons. What he’s shown now, he’s healthy and he’s ready to go. … It was just a matter of time.”

Eduardo Rodríguez contacted Covid just before the start of the season. After he recovered from that ordeal, it was found that he had inflammation in his heart muscles. E-Rod himself admits that it was difficult for him to workout and pitch balls, something which he did every day.

However, he is fit now and has been training for quite a while. Speaking about his selection into the opening day team, he said, “If given the opportunity, I’m going to be so happy to do it because that’s something that everybody wants to do one time in their career,” he said. “If I have the opportunity this year, I’m going to really appreciate it. I’m going to love it.” 

Well-rested and prepared for the upcoming season, Rodríguez will look forward to getting back his 2019 form. He will also try and win the Cy Young award this time around, having missed it by the skin of his teeth in 2019.


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