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Mikel Arteta: Arsenal players must play with pride

Mikel Arteta: Arsenal players must play with pride


Mikel Arteta seems to have diagnosed the cause of the decline in Arsenal’s performance over the past few seasons. He said the lack of confidence from the players was the main factor why they were not able to develop. The club won the last time in the domestic competition in the 2003/2004 season.

That is, Arsenal have been fasting for 15 years in the Premier League. However, Arteta claims that foster children must believe in the history of the Gunners and they must be able to find solutions to restore the glory of the club.

The reason added Arteta, Arsenal in any way can not be underestimated. Because the club has collected 13 titles in the English League and 13 champions in the FA Cup.

“There are some things that can’t be negotiated. The demands we give the team, the commitment, the energy we put in, and the dominance. We are the biggest football club in England and we have to play a little with that pride,” Arteta said.

Arsenal will a few hours later undergo a match titled London Derby when they host Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (12/29/2019). Arteta instructed fans to create awesomeness that they did 15 years ago.

“This stadium has to create fear again. I used to hate coming here (Emirates) as opponents, and we need to use that power. Opponents are definitely not comfortable playing here (Emirates). We have to recover here.

This will be the first match for Arteta to appear at the Emirates since he was in Arsenal’s coaching chair. Every team that comes to this club will surely feel the incredible pressure of playing.


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