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Mick Schumacher is more than just – “Michael Schumacher’s” Son.

Michael Schumacher's Son

Mick Schumacher will celebrate his 22nd birthday just a week before the outset of the Formula One 2021 season. The neophyte to Formula One will again bring the Schumacher name back to glory as of the expectations.

After his father Michael and uncle Ralf, this is going to be the third of the Schumacher family to race in Formula One. The anticipation that comes along with the Schumacher title is huge. With Michael’s 91 wins plus Ralf’s six, adding to 97 wins makes the ‘Schumacher-title’ the most successful last call in F1. 

The eyes of the media have been following him since his karting years. Further, the media is always buzzing on top of Mick. In the beginning, it was because of his father, Michael Schumacher, who used to be in the headlines. One thing is for sure, his career is going to be under constant scrutiny.

With the growth that the young German has shown in recent years, everybody believes – He can now only prove to be faster than expected. With the fellow rookie Nikita Mazepin, he seems ready for the big work and is going to make his debut with Haas.

Always being under the radar of various Formula One teams, the media, and the people for years, he has shown his talent. Winning title in Formula Three was an important step, but after winning the Formula Two championship, Mick is finally getting the chance of being the Formula One driver.

He is passionate; he is ready. Ferrari’s garage is always open to him. 

BAHRAIN, BAHRAIN – APRIL 02: Mick Schumacher of Germany is seen in the Scuderia Ferrari SF90 during F1 testing in Bahrain at Bahrain International Circuit on April 02, 2019 in Bahrain, Bahrain. (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

Ferrari has spoken about changing its course entirely. The Italian factory wants to introduce a completely new engine in 2022. We have seen them change their approach in the last few years. Their youngest line-up since 1968 with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz this season, with the duo both on multi-year deals, is one example. 

 Mattia Binotto, Ferrari team boss, is also keeping eyes on Mick Schumacher. Binotto is looking forward to the collaboration with their customer, HASS. He thinks it’s the right step for Schumacher’s development.

“Mick belongs to our Ferrari Driver Academy. The FDA is not there to develop drivers for Formula One, but to develop drivers who might one day drive for Ferrari. ”

He added: “If you make the switch from Formula 2 to Formula 1, you cannot immediately get into the red car. That requires too much responsibility and experience. It is therefore important that we have customer teams and partners that we can count on to further develop our drivers in Formula 1. ”

Ferrari started earlier this year ahead of the winter testing, which is in March. After booking the Italian circuit of Fiorano from 25 to 29 January, they were running an extensive test during the entire week. Charles Leclerc and Carlos from 25 to 29from 25 to 29Sainz, who are in the current lineup, tested Ferrari’s 2018 SF71H. Mick Schumacher with a lineup of other junior drivers – Calumm Ilott, Giuliano Alesi, Marcus Armstrong, and Robert Schwartzman was there too.

Schumacher’s thoughts about his recent stint show how passionate he is for his sport. 

“Finally sitting in a race car again is a feeling I was missing a lot. I think today has definitely been a positive day at the track. We managed to get through the entire programme that we had scheduled without any problems and it was clearly very useful to be able to get through so much mileage at the wheel of a car in view of the coming season that will be starting in about a month and a half with the pre-season testing.” Ferrari ‘s official website said.

“The SF71H is a car from 2018 but its behavior on the track and the feelings that it gives to the driver are very similar, both in terms of how it behaves on the track and physical stress. That makes it an excellent base when it comes to preparation for the new season. Driving at Fiorano is always great anyway because the track is technical and demanding.” he explained about his privilege.

As his parting gesture he added :

“It’s been a pleasure to meet up once again with the engineers and mechanics I worked with last September and I can’t wait to get back into the car tomorrow.” 

It’s important that Mick is not so much in the spotlight.

Under the inevitable pressure that is present in the life of Michael Schumacher’s son, it is impressive what Mick has achieved over the years. Unlike Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen, he never managed to win directly everywhere. His growth has been consistent. That is his style. By always improving himself, he won the F3 and F2 himself, championship. Now that he is finally in Formula One, many big names of sport think – it’s better to let the rookie set his own pace.  

Mick Schumacher
(Photo by Alexander Koerner/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Toto Wolff hopes things will be different. That even though father Michael Schumacher is an important role model for Mick, he should not be compared to that. 

“He has the talent and intelligence to make it to the top, win races and even compete for championships,” said the Mercedes team principal to German RTL.

Emphasizing, the former Formula One driver Jan Lammers expressed that Schumacher will need some time to get used to the new class.

“That name makes it more difficult than easier,” he added. “It’s easy in a number of ways, for example, to get into it. But to really perform – with all eyes on you and the constant comparison with your father – that’s quite difficult. He has to cope up with it. “

While the HASS team boss Günther Steiner also understands his role in the development of Mick Schumacher.

 “The expectation from the media will be extreme because he is the son of the record world champion. But you can’t expect Mick to win seven titles too. I’ll protect him when it comes down to it. Because I am convinced that he will succeed. You just have to give him the appropriate time. This also applies to Nikita Mazepin. “ he told a columnist.

There is no question that the 21-year-old Mick Schumacher is just here because of his name. He has done well, is also a self-confident pilot. He is someone who knows what he can do. But has his own learning process.

The result of the duel which he will be part of with Nikita Mazepin will definitely tell the real story. Schumacher is expected to be faster than Mazepin. In fact, after driving together in Formula Three(2017) and in Formula Two(2019 & 2020), figures support the young German. 

So, looking at the past trend, Schumacher will take a year to come in and make a name for himself on this new level. As of now, it is better to just watch him as a neophyte.


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