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Messi has scored his 100th goal from outside the box for Barcelona in all competitions

Messi has scored his 100th goal from outside the box for Barcelona in all competitions
Lionel Messi


Lionel Messi is known as a world-class player. Of the many achievements made by La Pulga, there is one that is most attached to the minds of fans, namely record breakers.

The Barcelona captain already has many records as the top scorer for the club. His ability and desire to score goals is legendary and his consistency over the past decade has made him one of the best players in the world today.


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In the last few seasons, Messi has broken so many records. So it’s not strange, every time he steps into the field, fans always hope for a new record that will be recorded by the Argentine passport player.

Unfortunately, in the last few games, Messi has not been able to provide such curiosity. Because he is not in the best condition because of a calf injury.

The recovery process was carried out to restore his sharpness in scoring goals. When all those hopes were on Messi’s shoulders, the player with the back number 10 could finally raise his hand.

Yes, Messi can end fasting goals with Barcelona this season. Sevilla goalkeeper is made when Barcelona won 0-4 at Camp Nou on Monday (10/07/2019).


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Messi was released when he celebrated his first goal this season. All Barcelona players rejoiced when Messi netted the goal of Sevilla who was escorted by goalkeeper Tomas Vaclik.

Statistics state that Messi has scored his 100th goal from outside the box for Barcelona in all competitions. A total of 43 goals came from direct free kicks.

Another interesting fact is that Messi always makes the goal of Sevilla as a goal subscription. In total, he has scored 37 goals in 38 matches in all competitions.

It’s hard to describe what will happen in the next fight. And, how many goals Messi will score with Barcelona this season.



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