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McGregor plans to re-enter the arena of the UFC on 14th December

Conor McGregor hinted that he would re-enter the arena of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC)


Conor McGregor has hinted that he will re-enter in the arena of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC). The Irish fighter leaked his battle plans through a short posting on his official social media account.

“Dublin, December 14,” chirped McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA), Sunday (09/15/2019) evening Dublin time, telling the fans the date and location of the match.


McGregor, who has 21 wins and four losses from 25 fights, has not fought since being defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, October 2018.

The 31-year-old fighter was sentenced to six-month ban after being involved in riots after the match versus Khabib. The last eight McGregor battles were staged in Las Vegas, New York, and Boston.

McGregor recently alluded to Khabib following the Russian fighter’s victory over Dustin Poirier on September 7. “Booked my repeat match for Moscow,” McGregor chirped after Khabib Nurmagomedov forced Poirier to surrender.

McGregor repeatedly made headlines because of his rude behavior. The latest incident, McGregor punched a man in a pub for refusing to try his merchandise whiskey. That prompted UFC president Dana White to ask him to maintain his attitude.

“So apparently this is in a pub in Ireland and that is an argument about whiskey,” White said in an interview with Jim Rome. ‘Conor has whiskey now and that is an argument over whiskey and Conor reaches out and hits him with the left hook. Unexpectedly, that’s quite clear.


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“You saw the bus incident in New York. The incident when people took pictures in Miami and he slammed the telephone. How much? The incident in New York cost millions. Millions he must pay,” White said.

“He has to pay people for the telephone. How much should he pay for the person he hit at the bar? This list goes on and on. I don’t know when he woke up and said, ‘I have to stop doing this’. ”

While UFC Vice President James Elliott some time ago said Croke Park and Aviva Stadium are two places that are likely to be a battlefield. “Conor is certainly not keeping the fact that he wants to fight in Dublin. That is something that is on his agenda.”

McGregor’s potential opponent might be Justin Gaethje, who uprooted Donald Cerrone. After the match, Gaethje said he liked it if he got a chance against McGregor.


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