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McGregor Invites Khabib to Duel Again, Here’s the UFC President’s Reaction

McGregor Invites Khabib to Duel Again, Here's the UFC President's Reaction

McGregor wasted no time in using Twitter’s social media accounts to call for a rematch in the home country of Khabib



Khabib Nurmagomedov ordained his name as the seventh fighter in the history of the UFC who was able to maintain 12 consecutive wins after defeating Dustin Poirier in a dueling struggle for the light class champion at The Arena, Sunday (09/08/2019) early morning hrs. After the battle, Conor McGregor also called for the fighter nicknamed The Eagle to accept a rematch offer in Russia.

McGregor wasted no time in utilizing Twitter’s social media accounts to call for a rematch in Khabib’s home country. “Order my rematch for Moscow,” he wrote.



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Khabib was actually not interested in challenging McGregor. He was actually curious to defeat Tony Ferguson and that was delivered before the fight against Poirier.

But the President of the UFC, Dana White did not dismiss if the rematch of Khabib and McGregor would be interesting in the history of the UFC. “Tony Ferguson gets the next hit and it’s clear that for whatever reason Tony can’t take the fight or don’t want to fight at that time, then we will find out what happened next. But Conor will make a lot of sense,” White was quoted as saying by MMA Fighting.

McGregor has long wanted an opportunity to avenge his defeat to Khabib after he suffered defeat in the fourth round at UFC 229, last October.



According to White, former interim champion Tony Ferguson remains the next fighter to challenge Khabib to win the title, but McGregor is clearly going to do a variety of ways to get a rematch.

White added that UFC is getting closer to pulling the trigger on pay-per-view cards in Russia as the market continues to grow. In addition, Khabib’s popularity is increasingly high in his home country, which only further triggers the possibility that he can fight at home one day.

As for McGregor, he has never fought since he faced Khabib. Even last March, he decided to retire from the sport that had raised his name.

But after several months of unemployment McGregor stated that he hoped to return to the Octagon before the 2019 closure. Now it seems he is trying to pull Khabib and the UFC into a rematch rather than sit and wait until after Ferguson kicks.


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