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McGregor Asks the UFC President to Arrange a fight against Frankie Edgar

McGregor Asks the UFC President to Arrange a fight against Frankie Edgar
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Conor McGregor (left) ready to face Frank James Edgar / Photos / radio.com / usatmmajunkie / daily mail


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Conor McGregor asked UFC President Dana White to arrange a return to the mixed martial arts event in December 2019. McGregor was ready to challenge the United States featherweight fighter, Frank James Edgar.

McGregor hasn’t fought since October 2018, after being beaten by Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. McGregor and Edgar chirped on Twitter on social media, wanting to make the match between them happen.

McGregor initially responded to UFC tweets that wish Edgar a happy birthday. McGregor chirped, “Happy birthday Frankie, see you in December.”

Edgar, who is 38 years old, replied McGregor’s tweet, “Thank you, friend, I have said yes to you and Dana White to make it happen.”

McGregor agreed and then surprised the fans, saying: ‘It’s your job White, make the fight. Give my payment to charity.”


McGregor Asks the UFC President to Arrange a fight against Frankie Edgar


McGregor, who is currently on bail after allegedly punching a man in a pub in Dublin, Ireland, in April, has not fought in Octagon since his defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 in October 2018. 



A commotion between the two post-Khabib-McGregor camps caused McGregor was banned for six months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

However, the 31-year-old fighter admitted in a recent interview that he wanted to return to action, and the match against Edgar was preferred.

“Who else is on the list of fighters? Frankie Edgar is also on the list because he has something in common with Khabib,” McGregor told ESPN.

“He ran with his back foot and shot with one foot. I want this kind of fight.”

Edgar has a 23-7-1 fight record and lost his final fight at UFC 240 against Max Holloway because of a unanimous decision.

“Even though he lost to Max [Holloway] in a very close fight, I don’t care,” McGregor said in the Daily Mail.

“Winning and losing doesn’t matter in the show. These are stories about all of us and our journey.”

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