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Max Verstappen the best and the fastest affirmed by his teammate Perez

Sergio Perez

The  31-year-old Mexican racing driver, Perez acknowledged that he would be paired with Max Verstappen, the 25-year-old racing driver in the next stage of his career in Formula 1. As a result, he quoted “So he’s definitely one of the best and one of the fastest, if not the fastest out there in the current grid”, as he realized that having Verstappen with him will be a great challenge.


Sergio Perez

Perez prepared for the challenge of having Verstappen as an F1 teammate.

Determination is the key!

For Sergio Perez, shifting to an unfamiliar environment after spending seven years of an adventurous journey with Racing Point will be tough. This time around, as he will team up with Max Verstappen, a very talented and strategic racer, he has to be on his toes. Further, he has to adapt and update himself to the upcoming new changes really fast to be on the same page with his teammate. Also, they both can give a strong competition to their opponents.


Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez is just a few weeks away from making his debut for Red Bull in Formula 1

The upcoming challenges on the way

Perez, knowing all the difficulties and the challenges he is about to face, is confident that he and his new team will dare their opposition with an arduous battle. Nothing comes easy, everyone needs to learn and adapt and that is what Perez is up to.

He has already started to learn about his new team by spending time with the engineers of his new team. He knows it takes a certain amount of time to know a new team and how they work, but he is working on speeding up the process and become a true member of the team.

After all, it is all about understanding his teammates and the team. The better he will get to know his team, what he requires from them and vice versa, the faster he will be on the tracks.





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