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Max Verstappen Feels ‘It’s a Bit Too Early’ to Comment on Pre Season Test Results

Max Verstappen finished first in the 2021 Bahrain pre-season test.

The third day of the Bahrain pre-season test has concluded, and Max Verstappen performed really well on both the first and third days of the test.

The Dutch racer was the fastest driver on the first day, finishing with a lap time of 1:30.674. Following suit, even Sergio Perez ranked eighth on his test during the second day. The performance of the new RB16B is satisfying for both the Red Bull drivers.

Earlier, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko revealed a performance clause between the team and Verstappen. According to the clause, if the Austrian team cannot provide a title-winning car to the driver, he can quit the team. But the performance hints that this might be the car that Max was looking for.

Max Verstappen is not thinking about Mercedes’ performance

The Red Bull No. 33 again finished first on the overall timesheet of the third day. Meanwhile, Mercedes had a poor start in the 2021 season, facing a lot of troubles during the tests. The seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, ranked last on the second day, before finishing fifth on the third day. Surprisingly, Valtteri Bottas was in the bottom three on the first and last day but was the fastest on the second day.

Hamilton’s performance was not to the mark, and he mentioned facing issues with the rear of the Mercedes W12. However, the Briton is not worried about it and focuses on improving in his future races.

Max Verstappen finished first in the 2021 Bahrain pre-season test.

Max Verstappen finished first in the 2021 Bahrain pre-season test.

When Verstappen was asked for his reviews regarding Mercedes’ performance, the Dutch mentioned it is too soon to comment on any results. The 23-year-old said, “It’s a bit too early to say, nobody really has shown anything,

“The engineers and everybody back at the factory, they want a lot of data, and afterwards we’ll find out in Q3 on the first race weekend where we are.”

The 2021 season of F1 will begin on Sunday, March 28 with the Bahrain Grand Prix and we can expect Max Verstappen to repeat his pre-season test performance in the opening race of this exciting season.

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