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Marquez: The 2020 season starts with the Japanese MotoGP

Marquez: The 2020 season starts with the Japanese MotoGP

Marquez: The 2020 season starts with the Japanese MotoGP


World title does not make Marc Marquez complacent. At the Japanese MotoGP this weekend, Marquez began the mission to defend his throne.

The Repsol Honda rider has locked the eighth world title during his career in the Thailand MotoGP series two weeks ago. This became the fastest period for him to ensure the title after winning more than 100 points over Andrea Dovizioso in second place when the season leaves four series.



This condition can clearly make Marquez start his vacation faster, while the Japanese race at Motegi Circuit on Sunday (10/20/2019).

But, Marquez has another opinion. Becoming a faster champion doesn’t mean he can be lazy. Because the Spaniard has prepared himself to defend his champion title since this weekend.

He still wants to find victory in the remaining four series while looking at the shortcomings that exist from his motorcycle this season.

“Our intentions, ambitions, and mentality for the rest of the race this season remains the same. It’s true that when you become a champion your body is somewhat relaxed, but we will change that mindset and still encourage the best performance,” Marquez said quoted by Crash.

“One of our targets is to try to win Triple Crown. In the field of constructors we have headed there, but to win the team title will be difficult,” he said.



Currently, the Honda construction team is still firm at the top of the standings with 331 points. The Japanese manufacturer is 77 points ahead of Ducati in second place.

But for the team standings, Ducati was ranked first with 377 points. The Honda Repsol team that overshadowed Marquez trailed behind him with 359 points.

The 26-year-old rider also had the chance to beat his own record in 2014, when he won 13 times and won 362 points. Now Marquez has 325 points from nine wins.

“We will not give up and will celebrate this victory. However, the 2020 season has started since at Motegi,” he explained.


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