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Marko Grujic Hopes to Secure a Place in Liverpool

Marko Grujic Hopes to Secure a Place in Liverpool


Marko Grujic admits that the action has stopped a bit this season. The Serbian is well aware of the kind of performance improvement needed to be done to secure a place at Liverpool.

Grujic is Jurgen Klopp’s first recruit brought to Merseyside since 2016 until now it spends most of his time as a loan player. He has been loaned to Red Star Belgrade, Cardiff City and currently Hertha Berlin.

Grujic himself has been grazing in the Bundesliga since the start of the 2018/19 season. While an ankle injury is likely to disrupt his season, the 23-year-old has instead become an integral member of the Hertha midfield.

He can make 22 appearances with a collection of five goals, in which former Pal manager Dardai declared Grujic the “best midfielder” he had seen in his 22 years at the club.

However, since then Marko Grujic has struggled extra under the new manager Ante Covic this season. Grujic came under pressure after Hertha suffered four consecutive defeats in the league.

The loan midfielder from Liverpool was recently out of the squad when Hertha suffered a 2-4 defeat at home to RB Leipzig before the international break this month. He was also pulled out in the 70th minute during the match won by Augsburg, 4-0.

Although disappointed, the 23-year-old saw his mistake as a motivation to ‘work harder’ in training. “I am not the happiest person when I see the line-up,” Grujic told Berliner Morgenpost, who was quoted by thisisAnfield.com.

“But it happened in football, it was a warning shot for me, which has encouraged me to work harder in training. I am still a young player, there are some fluctuations and I still have a lot to learn. “But I also changed my training a little, sometimes I did too much exercise for my feet in the gym and wasn’t fresh enough to compete,” he added.

“Unfortunately, sometimes there is something wrong in life before you make a change, often for the better. Maybe our concentration was down, but 11 points in 11 games, that’s a warning, it’s not enough. In practice, everyone has paid attention to him lately, it’s a good sign that everyone has risen, “Marko Grujic said.

Now, Grujic is determined to improve his game again to return and continue to play for Liverpool. At Anfield, of course, he has to face intense competition against many star players like Georginio Wijnaldum, Jordan Henderson, Naby Keita or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who are both experts in midfield.

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