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Marc Marquez recorded disappointing results during the 2020 MotoGP pre-season test

Marc Marquez recorded disappointing results during the 2020 MotoGP pre-season test



Marc Marquez recorded disappointing results during the 2020 MotoGP pre-season test. This fact then made many people predict that the Repsol Honda rider would be difficult to compete to defend the world title this season.

Yes, Marquez was unable to record the fastest time during training at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, and Losail International, Qatar. In fact, the Spaniard never listed his name in the top five fastest racers. His best achievement only ranked sixth on the first day of the preseason test in Doha, last weekend.

However, Marquez was already accustomed to experiencing the pre-season not too well in his career in MotoGP. Call it the 2019 season when Yamaha and Suzuki dominated the training session. Marquez never recorded the fastest time and finished third on the third day in Qatar.

However, who would have thought, Marquez actually appeared extraordinary during an official race that season. The 27-year-old rider managed to come out as world champion for the sixth time in MotoGP after previously succeeding in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018. The

the record shows if the preseason test results cannot be a benchmark that Honda has decreased or lagged behind its competitors such as Yamaha, Ducati, or Suzuki.

Moreover, Marquez apparently claimed to be satisfied with the preseason test results especially on the third day in Doha. The owner of the motorcycle number 93 claimed he was not too disappointed with the results. According to him, his physical condition became the most important thing. Because he himself is still struggling with a shoulder injury he suffered since last season.


The Baby Alien has actually undergone surgery. But, the healing process went slower than originally estimated. In the preseason test in Sepang, he failed to produce neat results. Luckily, Marquez was able to improve his record little by little in Qatari pre-season tests, especially on the third day.

Marquez admitted that the condition of his shoulders was much better. Although sometimes it still hurts, it has greatly reduced. With this, he became confident in staring at the inaugural race on 8 March. He hoped his shoulders had completely recovered with time.

‘After the first two days, I was a little worried about everything because we struggled to understand what needed to be improved. But, we made a big break and now we understand what we need to do. I am happy with what we have done. I can be really consistent and happy with my rhythm,’ Marquez said, reported by Honda’s official website.

While his teammate and also his biological brother, Alex Marquez, also appeared not very impressive during the 2020 MotoGP pre-season test. In fact, he did not even penetrate the top 10 positions. This note also makes much doubt that the racer will not be able to compete in the front row during the race.

That way, Alex claimed he still needed time to be able to tune in with the Honda RC213V. Moreover, this is his debut in the MotoGP race. So, he hopes there will be improvements before the official race takes place at the Losail International Circuit, March 8 next.

‘We really didn’t have the chance to do it because we were busy with other things. Physically, I’m not the best yet. With this result, we have several solutions for my first race in MotoGP. Now, I will return home to prepare my best,’ said Alex.



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