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Marc Marquez felt fortunate not to suffer a serious injury after the accident at FP1

Marc Marquez felt fortunate not to suffer a serious injury after the accident at FP1

Marc Marquez felt fortunate not to suffer a serious injury after the accident at FP1


The process of the free training session on the first day did not go smoothly for Marc Marquez. This is related to a severe accident that occurred during the Repsol Honda team racer who appeared on FP1, Friday (10/04/2019).

In 40 of the 45 minutes in the first exercise, everything looked very promising. Unfortunately, all the plans that Marquez had designed to try out RC213V motorcycle components ahead of the race at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Thailand, fell apart after he suffered a severe accident at Turn 7.

Marquez was thrown to the edge of the track. While the iron horse was thrown into the track and destroyed. The racer nicknamed The Baby Alien was then rushed to a medical center before being referred to the nearest hospital to confirm his condition.

After conducting the examination, Marquez was not declared injured. Only a few wounds or aches are felt on the body. After being declared healthy, the owner of number 93 returned to spur the speed of his motorbike in FP2.




The results were unsatisfactory because Marquez only finished sixth as the fastest racer. “We did well at the beginning of the first training session. But in the last round, I had a strange accident in FP1. I hit the asphalt hard. That’s why the doctors want to do everything right at rest,” explained Marquez when describing the chronology of the accident that happened to him quoted from Speedweek.

“I felt good when I arrived at the Medical Center. However, the team decided to examine the MRI, this was a normal process. Luckily nothing was damaged, it only hurts occasionally. My whole body was bruised. But in the afternoon I was able to drive erratically. “It works again. So I can show good performance again on weekends,” continued Marquez.

“I always try to keep the risk under control. I drive fast, but usually, I can control everything. But today the fall occurred in a place where I didn’t expect it. It was ‘out lap’, but something unexpected can happen in racing “I haven’t experienced a bad severity for a long time. It’s entirely my fault. Maybe the tires aren’t ready. On the other hand, I haven’t pushed. The best thing about the story – I’m not seriously hurt,” added Marquez.


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