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Manchester United Will Get 50% Discount For Christian Eriksen

Manchester United Will Get 50% Discount For Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen

A good news came for Manchester United. They reportedly will get a discount for recruiting Christian Eriksen from Tottenham.

In the last few transfer exchanges, Manchester United is hunting for a new playmaker. They are currently called minimal creativity, so they have difficulty scoring goals.

One of the names that are reported to be hunted by United is Christian Eriksen. The Danish playmaker has long been associated with the Red Devils.

Reported by Metro, United’s plans to recruit Eriksen get the blessing of Tottenham. The North London team was even ready to sell the playmaker cheaply to United.

The Contract Is Almost Out

At first Tottenham was reluctant to sell Eriksen to United. But now they are forced to sell the playmaker.

This is due to the contract conditions of the player in North London. His contract will expire in the summer of next year and he still does not want to renew his contract with The Lillywhites.

Instead of losing them for free, Tottenham finally offered Eriksen to United who incidentally were their rivals.


According to the report, Tottenham will also provide a large discount for United.

They will only demand half of the initial price they want from Eriksen. United only need to pay around 30 million pounds to secure Eriksen’s services.

This step was taken by Tottenham because they did not want to lose the departure of Eriksen, so he wanted the player to sell quickly in January.


In addition to Eriksen, Tottenham is believed to be experiencing a large exodus next season.

Many The Lillywhites players want to leave after seeing their recent poor form.

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