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Manchester United must defend Solskjaer for this reason

Manchester United must defend Solskjaer for this reason

Ole Gunnar Solskjær


It’s not time for Manchester United to kick Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and find a new coach. There are at least three reasons why the Norwegian skipper must remain at Old Trafford.

That conveyed by Manchester United CEO Ed Woodward. He said the entire internal club had decided to defend Solskjaer, which had recently been in the spotlight. He made sure that the board of directors, including the Glazers’ family, were behind Solksjaer completely.

Woodward also emphasized that support for Solskjaer will not change even if Manchester United lose to Liverpool in the Premier League this weekend. He claimed, the 46-year-old coach deserved the opportunity though the achievements of the Red Devils this season is terrible.

Solskjaer has won only four of 11 matches in all competitions this season. While in the Premier League, Manchester United now sit in 12th position and only two points adrift of the relegation zone.

The poor achievements made Solskjaer now an enemy of fans. Quite many people ask that Jose Mourinho’s successor be fire immediately. But Woodward saw it as something unnecessary.

According to him, three things make Solskjaer worth defending. “Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has instilled discipline in the players. That may be lacking in recent years,” said Woodward, reported by Thesun.

Woodward also saw that Solskjaer had worked hard to rebuild Manchester United’s reputation, but for him, it wasn’t possible to complete in a short time. More experienced coaches like David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, and Mourinho could not do so.

“Solskjaer is building a squad that respects the history of the club, where the players have worked hard and respected their teammates. Nothing is bigger than a club,” continued Woodward.

Furthermore, Woodward feels that the results of Solskjaer’s work are already visible, namely the ongoing regeneration process. 

“Changes over the summer produce very young troops. But, it is also a squad that provides a foundation for us to start a new journey,” he said.

Woodward is aware of many sharp criticisms related to the collapse of the prestige of Manchester United. But, he assesses everything that takes time before giving the desired results. So, no need to rush to bring in a new coach.

“Solskjaer’s vision has illustrated our goal. We have to win trophies, play attacking football and, give young players the opportunity. After his arrival in the middle of last season, he showed us where we want to be. At that time, we played fast and smooth football,” said Woodward.


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