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Longtime UFC Heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem is planning to retires after couple more fights

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Alistair Overeem, one of the worthy competitors for the UFC heavyweight title, has announced his retirement plan in his tweet. Although Overeem wishes for a belt, he may play a couple more bouts before retiring, and winning a belt will be a plus for him.

So far, he has had more than 80 fights in MMA and kickboxing since 1999. However, the UFC records stand at 47-18-0, while the kickboxing career is at 10-4-0.

In his tweet, Overeem posted that, despite being 40 years old, he is strong enough to be a prime contender for the UFC Heavyweight title. However, he may return to the octagon in the first quarter of 2021.

In his 20+ years of career, Alistair Overeem became the champion of every organization he fights for, except the UFC. Some of his top records are-

  • DREAM and Strikeforce heavyweight champion
  • K-1 World Grand Prix champion
  • Has a footprint in Kickboxing and MMA

Alistair Overeem is known as ‘The Demolition Man,’ is looking for the championship at UFC. So far, he faced 66 bouts in UFC and won 47 of them, along with 14 knockouts. However, Overeem’s last loss was against Jairzinho Rozenstruik in the last year; after that, he fought two more matches and won both of them.

Overeem fought a title-contending match in 2016 against Stipe Miocic but could not win that. In that fight, Overeem lost by a KO in the first round. Since then, Stipe Miocic is defending the title, although lost in 2018 against Daniel Cormier but regained in the next year.

If Alistair Overeem wants to win the title, he will have to face Miocic, which may not be pleasant. Although Miocic is also older, defending the title successfully. So, it is understandable that Overeem may not have the chance to get the title, but there is nothing wrong with having hope. 


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