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Liverpool’s Success Disrupts Pep Guardiola’s Mind

Pep Guardiola claimed his mind was disturbed by the success of Liverpool

The victory obtained by Manchester City over Everton in the continuation of the seventh week of the English Premier League is recognized Pep Guardiola is very difficult.

Throughout the match, Guardiola was haunted by the thought of Liverpool’s success who had previously reaped three points while visiting Sheffield United.

Shown at Goodison Park, Saturday (09/28/2019) night, City is targeting victory. The reason is, if they fail to bring home three points, the difference with Liverpool is eight points apart.

Luckily for the players of The Citizens are not nervous with the existing conditions. Asa City opens after Gabriel Jesus opens the first goal. Unfortunately, Jesus scored 24 minutes successfully equated Dominic Calvert-Lewin in 33 minutes.

Luckily Riyad Mahrez can bring the defending champion back ahead. And Raheem Sterling made sure three points through his goal just six minutes before the match broke up.

“We know Liverpool win again and the difference of eight points (losing to City failed to beat Everton), is so great.

So, we (have to) win three points and the distance is now only five points apart,” Guardiola told the media reported by ESPN, Sunday (29 / 9/2019).

“We know which team is competing with us right now. Liverpool have won seven times in a row, are European champions and play good football,” he added.

“This is our rival and we know we cannot lose too many points because last season they only lost one match.”

“This season is still a long way. We have to go ahead and be there (compete). Maybe we can push them a little more and try to make it win the third title in a row.”


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