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Liverpool is at the top of the Premier League standings

Liverpool is at the top of the Premier League standings


Liverpool is far superior at the top of the Premier League standings this season. Even so, they are believed to be very careful in showing their confidence.

Juergen Klopp’s team so far have collected 58 points from 20 matches, within 13 points of Leicester City who finished second. Liverpool also still keeps one more game than its competitors. But in the midst of all the benefits they have, it is believed there is anxiety that descends on Sadio Mane et al. This is due to Liverpool not winning the English League since the 1989/90 season.

Among the current Reds team members, only James Milner has ever lifted the league trophy, that is when he was in Manchester City uniform. Therefore, former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand believes Liverpool players will now not want to fall asleep and act as if they are definitely champions.

‘James Milner is the only Liverpool player who has won the Premier League, so the other players will make him a role model. Their manager will also be used as a reference, so they always say they don’t want to fall asleep and such,’ Ferdinand told BT Sport.

‘Everyone sees it as a normal thing, but actually they are afraid to show their pleasure. In the past when I was at MU I also experienced it. And now I see they feel the same thing.’

‘They are confident, of course, but they also do not want to step over destiny. They do not want to bring bad luck. Liverpool have not won the league for the last 30 years, so that anxiety must be built up within them, and there is pressure from Liverpool citizens to become champions,’ said the winner of six Premier League titles.


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