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Lionel Messi: Ballon d’Or or Champions League?

Lionel Messi: Ballon d’Or or Champions League?


The megastar of Barcelona, Lionel Messi reveals his greatest ambitions this season. Messi said he didn’t really expect to win the Ballon d’Or because he wanted his team to win the Champions League.

Recently Messi again received a prestigious award. He was named the world’s best player version of the FIFA award The Best Men Award.

Messi himself was once again nominated for the world’s best Ballon d’Or award in 2019. He will compete with Cristiano Ronaldo and Virgil van Dijk for this award.

But Messi claimed not too ambitious to win the award. “I don’t think I would be too disappointed if I didn’t win that [Ballon d’Or],” Messi told RAC 1.

Read the player’s full comment below.

Champions League Priority

Messi admitted that instead of winning the Ballon d’Or he prioritized winning the Champions League trophy this season.

“The award [Ballon d’Or] is a pleasing confession. But I have never prioritized that award in my career.”

“I would be even more disappointed if I spent a few more years without the Champions League trophy. It’s been five years that we haven’t won that trophy.”

Learn from mistakes

Last season Barcelona almost won the Champions League if they did not fall victim to Liverpool’s fantastic comeback. But he said that his team had learned from that mistake.

“Our defeat against Liverpool was our own fault. The incident occurred after the incident of Rome in the previous season.”

“In the match against Liverpool the memory of Rome was repeated and we experienced a mental block. Our game has gotten worse and I can say it was not our coach’s fault,” he added.

Next match

Barcelona will play the next Champions League match after the International break.

They are scheduled to face Slavia Prague on 24 October.


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