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Lin Jarvis: Marquez is the only rider who deserves to be world champion

Lin Jarvis: Marquez is the only rider who deserves to be world champion
Marc Marquez is considered the only rider who deserves to win the current world champion 

Marc Marquez is currently rated as the only rider who can win the MotoGP. That was recognized by Yamaha’s manager, Lin Jarvis.

Marquez’s dominance in MotoGP this season is undeniable. Of the 14 series that have been passed, the 26-year racer has won eight times and five times finished on the second podium.

He only failed to win the podium at the United States MotoGP. It happened because Marquez fell and failed to finish.

His impressive record made Marquez untouched at the top of the drivers’ standings. He collected 300 points ahead of 98 points from Andrea Dovizioso in second.

This makes Jarvis feel that Marquez is the only rider who deserves to win MotoGP at the moment. The extraordinary performance of the Cervera rider is so difficult to surpass by its competitors.



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“The only racer currently who has the ability to win the title is Marquez. It’s simple, in fact, the ability to race and his motorbike go through an extraordinary season,” Jarvis said quoted from gpone.com.

With five series remaining, Marquez now only needs one win at the Thai MotoGP to be sure to win this season’s championship. The first podium at the Buriram Circuit made it possible to collect 325 points and could not be overtaken by Dovizioso in the remaining four races.

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